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Floral Frills and Creepers





One of the trends that has graced the catwalk was the frill trend and I have been meaning to try it out for a while but I wasn’t able to stumble upon an outfit that was within my personal budget. Until i came across this number by missguided – now one of the reasons why missguided is one of my favourite brand is that they always tend to get catwalk trends back on perfect. This dress is ticks all the right boxes (i) its feminine (ii) its breezy (iii) its very flattering. Maybe some of you might be wondering how to incorporate this trend into your normal everyday look, so i decided to keep the outfit a little more casual because I thought, the dress was just too perfect and I didn’t need to over dress it.

The Candid Orange

Hello again. I hope you’re having a good day wherever you may find yourself. You’re probably wondering why I’ve today’s post title is the candid orange well if you’re following my on Instagram you might have already seen these heels on one of my post. Because of how bright and beautiful it is I couldn’t really think of an outfit to pair it with without drowning it and with a colour this beautiful, it instantly captures the eye. And seeing as spring/summer is already here this is the perfect season to rock these bright gorgeous heels. Warmer weather just makes me want to experiment more with bright colours.

What bright colours are you looking forward to experimenting with this summer? And what do you think of my pop of colour?

Express Yourself

 Now that summer is almost upon us, I am so looking forward to buying more glasses to add to my ever-growing sunnies collection. Sunglasses I feel can never go out of style, you can wear the two years ago style with today’s outfit + glasses can be worn with everything and everywhere and even those that costs not too much these days are even more stylish than the expensive ones (not expensive shaming here just saying what i have seen with my own two eyes).
Sunglasses is one of my favourite accessory to add to any outfit. A great sunglasses as well as certain fashioncessories can add some badassness to any outfit. Your mood can also dramatically affect the way you dress; I tend to be more bad-ass when I am having a great day and walking on cloud nine.

What are some of your favourite fashionccessory (fashionaccessories)?


Frills, Thrills, Summer Spills


With the weather being so lately here in London Town, one could almost envision summer time. I could not be more excited to switch up my looks with shear flowy frilly colourful items. And what better way to start my almost summer look than to pair this lovely dress with these boots. Because I don’t stick with fashion trends I’ve decided to ditch the stripes and shoot straight for this bright blue that screams to me, Mediterranean summer loving – I mean just imagine walk around sightseeing in Greece of all places and soaking in the culture with this dress. Summer is one of my favourite seasons and I cannot wait to experiment with my looks.
This dress is very lightweight and it can be paired up with anything. One can choose to dress it up with some chic heels or dress it down with some gladiator sandals – the choice is yours!!
Time to almost go shopping for the summer …. who’s excited for some sun?!?! I know I am.


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New Year, New Me| Monday Fashion Toast Is Back

Hello! I hope you are having a great start to the year?! I have had  a very busy few weeks which is why I haven’t had the chance to write a post. So I thought, what better way to break the silence than by doing a good fashion wishlist. For many people including myself January is a month where we are really feeling the chill of broke-ness because we have over spent a bit more than we should during the holiday season. And looking at pretty clothes is kinda therapeutic. Here’s my list of some affordable outfits with my New Year New you kinda vibe in mind. I really hope you like some of my picks. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me which is your favourite item from the list LOL 🙂
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