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Distressed Jeans and Red Heels

Hello and welcome to another post. I hope you’re having a fab day today? For today’s post, I decided to style my dress down look with these red heels I picked up a while back from ebay. I know that some people do find it hard to stumble up expensive looking stuff on there, I guess I was lucky this time. I really love the colour red, it just has a way to add a bit of extra va-va-voom to any outfit. Don’t you think that these heels are just perfect shade of red for this little put together? I have read that some people including myself are a little scared of adding colour to their outfit; I just think that now that is it summer (if you can call what we have here in the UK summer ….then) I am trying to add more colour to my wardrobe and I feel it’s the right move.

Pics – Sonya Metzler
What are your go to colours this summer?
 Please don’t let the little huddles in life stop you from living. 
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xoxo Becky 

A Vintage Number

 I am a self-confessed shopaholic.. I know it’s a very bad habit but now I have a valid reason to shop more lol. Take a look at this number, I bought it over a while ago to wear to an occasion and I never did, so I kept it and now I have the chance and excuse to wear it on camera – I know you’re thinking *crazzayy*  it is a very beautiful dress. I agree its a beaut and I absolutely love it and couldn’t wait to show it to you and I hope you love dress as much as I do. 

Photos – Sonya Metzler
Dress vintage from Newlook something similar (here)
Shoes vintage from Zara
Bag vintage from Mother 
Floral prints continue to be my new summer best friend.. what’s your new summer trend favourite?
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xoxo Becky

70's Floral Mini Dress

Summer has now officially started and I have been going through my wardrobe to pick out weather permitting outfits to wear until the summer really kicks in which is likely to be never (typical British weather lol). If the weather behaves like it did the day of the shoot, this dress from nobodyschild is perfect for the not so sunny humid summer days!  


Photos by the wonderful Sonya Metzler
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Dress ~ link
Heels ~ link
Bag ~ similar link
Floral prints continues to be my new favourite trend to wear lately 🙂 
What trends have you been looking recently?
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until we meet again, be confident and brave to be you.
xoxo Becky

The Flamingo Case from Gocustomised

I was contacted by gocustomized, I was asked if i would be willing review one of their gadget cases. I am always happy to review companies I have never heard of because they sometimes offer more for your money and I am always on the lookout for ways to make my money stretch. I did some more research on gocustomized and I looked at the costs of the personalised cases and I thought to myself bargain.
They offer personalised, phones and iPad cases; you can either choose to use your own personal image or you can use one of theirs.

Ordering the case was quick and easy; I used one of the designs already on their website and I even added my initials to personalise the case a little more. I went for the flamingo case, because it is now summer and flamingos are elegant in pink; the case arrived within two weeks after I had ordered.
I was really happy with the results when i received the order; my case was the perfect fit for my phone, and the image was the perfect shade of pink; I will be happy to use their services again for another personalised case/cover.
The lovely peeps at gocustomized have provide me with a discount code: GC-PR-UK-DOSEOFBECKPROMO10  to share with you all to use on their website.. please note that it is only valid until 30 June 2016. Use now and don’t miss out.
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My Purple Ambition

 Hello there and welcome to another post! I hope you’re having a good day. I recently treated myself to a brand new hair do. I have been wanting to do silver/lilac hair for a very long time (watch my silver hair fail –here). I managed too save up and get myself some platinum blonde hair which I dyed in order to achieve this colour. It was the easiest hair dying experience I have had- the hair took the colour very quickly and easily. Anyways enough about the hair, I will have a video up on my YouTube channel soon to talk about the hair so watch the space. For today, though, I wanted to show you the final result. I must say, that even though I wasn’t sure I looked good with the hair, I have had so many compliments from friends and families alike and I am actually getting used to it and it’s a good easy summer hairstyle.

What hairstyle or hair colour are you looking forward to trying or have already tried? 
I love seeing all your comments telling me your own experiences, so please leave me your stories below.
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until next time
xoxo Becky

The Face Masks

It’s the little things in life that makes us happy. I always try and find happiness in the things that I do to take care of my skin and having a mask moment is one of favourite me time moment. I know some may think me vain; I work way to hard and having me time helps me to focus and relax and get my self back to a normal state of thinking.

These are the current favourites masks I use to detoxify, cleanse  and breath some life back into my face. I try and use one of these masks at least once a week, it had now become part of my weekly skincare routine. Each mask has different purpose and I have really seen some major skincare improvement since I’ve incorporated the weekly mask moments into my regime.

The Aztec Clay– i used mostly to clarify my hair and one day I was bored, so I mixed the usual mixture (apple cider vinegar and the clay) I used on my hair and applied it on my face. I loved how radiant and clean my face felt afterwards. I usually apply and leave it to dry on my face; wash off with lukewarm water and face is revived.

Lush Dark Angels Mask – I use usually at night, as it has nourishing oils that helps to soften, cleanse  and doesn’t dry out the skin. I apply directly onto my face even with makeup on and scrub away. It helps to minimise breakouts and it good for oily/combination skin. One tip though, please make sure you scrub the sink and or tub after use because one drop on the floor or sink is very hard to wash away with just water.
Another favourite is the Caudalie Gylgolic Peel Mask; I love using this mask to help brighten and help to bring life onto my face. After use my skin looks and feel radiant and my pores appears smaller. I usually apply on my face and then leave it to dry and then wash off with lukewarm water, then i apply my face cream. This mask is my instant face lift in a tube and i use whenever I feel my face needs somethings extra to wake it up.

The last and final mask of the moment is Rosee Du Matin Mask. I use this colour changing mask is my favourite just because it changes colour and it like all the other masks helps to brighten, refresh and revive the skin. It’s my everyday mask, because it is very light more fun to use.

What things have you started doing to help you relax and help you get back to normality? what are your favourite mask(s) to use to help you unwind?
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Caudalie – link
Dark Angels – link
Rosee Du Matin Mask – link
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xoxo Becky

The Maxi Dress

Hello and welcome to yet another pictorial post. I hope you’re having a good day! 
Seeing as summer is just around the corner. Maxi dresses are one of the fashion staples that anyone I mean anyone can pull off. I love how easy it is to style; you can either dress it up for a more dressy look or dress it down for a casual day out on with friends. I have decided to dress it up a little by adding heels as this dress is way too long for a petite girl like myself ~ ahem  I mean a very short person (as you can see it is still dragging on the floor).  
I love the flowers and design of the dress- it is very feminine and very summery and I really looking forward to styling it with some trainers for a casual day out. 
Please let me know in the comment section below if you found this post very helpful and also let me know what kind of post would you like to see on this blog. 
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Maxi dress- link
Heels – link
Watch – link
Jacket – link 
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xoxo Becky

Summer Inspired OOTD: Y5LLO

As you can probably see from my latest posts, I am really super excited for summer. As a count down to the summer tomfoolery, I did this little put together of some my two favourite items I will definitely be rocking in the heat; yesss you guessed it, crop tops and shorts. I bought this shorts awhile back and I have been meaning to wear it on camera and what way to pull this look together than a white crop and a pair of black heels. I totally thinks this works and love the look if I must say so myself.  It is super easy and sexy at the same time + check out this cute mini (my future car in my favourite colour **becky’s day dreaming again**)

I have some links to some of theses products below just in case you wish to buy it or just take a quick look-see.
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Shorts old – similar link
Crop top – link
Heels old – (similar) link
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OOTD – Festival Vibing

It’s almost sumer and the beginning of the festival season yayy (at least what we call summer here in the UK). I decided to get my boho-chic on with this festival outfit. No outfit screams summer like shorts and a crop-top  plus I had so much fun shooting this and I know it’s all black; as you already know black is one of my favourite colours to wear (who says you can’t wear black to go glamping lol). Scroll down to see shots of me rocking this outfit and feeling myself a little too much 🙂

What festival (s) are you looking forward to this summer? Please let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts are on this post.

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