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Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Guns N Roses T-ShirtBlack JeansBlack JeansVansBlack JeansVansHappy Friday ma lovelies! and welcome to a new month. I hope you’re having a fab start to the new season?
Being a social media person can be very disappointing sometimes. I try very hard not to compare myself to others in this sector but I cannot help it, i only human after all. I know doing that only makes me a little jealous that I am not as successful as others. I sometimes feel, i work so hard to put content up there,  why aren’t i getting the exposure I want  but I am learning that now that I am older, I can’t get things my way anymore. Plus all those other successful bloggers, they’ve all had to work extremely hard to get where they are today. And only with hard work and perseverance will I ever succeed in the blogging industry. I just need to continue to be myself, enjoy what I do. If and when it becomes a chore, I don’t post because my followers can tell when I am grumpy. Even when people follow and un-follow you, don’t give up. Because one day, you will make it. Plus some people have massive followers but you may have more interaction with yours posts. As long as you’re consistent with your posts and are yourself online, people will feel connected and will stay true to you.
How do you stop yourself from comparing yourself to others on social media?
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Bardot Ruffle

Shorts – H&M
Top – Warehouse
Choker – Lamoda
Watch – Kapten & Son
Lips – Rimmel
Heels – Public Desire
The colour white always just blends with anything and everything; for the summer I think it’s just perfect. Especially in the recent heat wave we have been plagued with in London Town. I mean it’s been so hot people have fainted because they probably have underestimated the heat anyways enough of the drama.  This white top is super chic and when i got it, I was thinking of pairing with an inexpensive white culottes that I haven’t been able to get my hands on. I absolutely love how easy this top was to style- it can just about go with anything. In this instance it just brings the look together even with the hair. And those shorts; don’t you think the colour is just something else.
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 Hello and welcome. I hope you’re having a great day! For today’s post, the funniest thing happened during the shoot; as the title suggests, I was photobombed. This guy seriously just wanted to be in the pics and we didn’t want to move cause it was the perfect spot. It’s very unusual cause I am normally the person who will photobomb my friend’s selfies. Anyways thought this would be one of those lol posts to share with you all and I am sure there will plenty more awkward posts like this in the future so please watch the space. Other than this photo-bomber the shoot was fun with the girls and I hope you like my little put together. Scroll down to see my outfit/ p.s. don’t forget to leave your comments below – it means a lot to see and read all your comments.

Isn’t it fun being photobombed? Have you ever been photobombed or have you photobombed someone?

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Boots – h&m
Shorts – Topshop
old top – Primark
Choker – Lamoda
Watch – Kapten & Son
Lips – Rimmel
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OOTD: The Denim A-Liner

Today’s outfit of the day was me trying to style this denim skirt for a casual day out with friends. As you all know by now, because I am always cold I try to always dress up warm and in this British weather one must be prepared for the unexpected.  For this outfit, it was warmer so I was brave to go out without any tights and I feel it looks much better without tights on. Don’t you think? I must admit though, I am really loving the whole denim look and I cannot wait to try out more light blue denim, maybe I could style some dungarees next (I have my eyes on many from a couple of stores) 

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The Denim Skirt –link
Heels – link
Jumper – link
Mac Strong Woman Lipstick – similar shade link
Watch Kapten & Son – link
What do you think of this little put together and are you currently loving the whole denim look?
xoxo Becky

Come Style With Me | My DM's Came Out To Play

For today’s look I wanted to share with you snaps of how I would style my DM’s (Dr Martens)
I paired this little put together with an old Bomber jacket I had
Simple easy, dressed down look….shame the weather isn’t that warm around here.

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Dr Martens (link)
Old Bomber Jacket (similar here)
Old Shorts (similar here)
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OOTD | What Would Spencer Hastings Do?

Hello! I hope you are having an awesome day today? For today’s post, I wanted to share with you some more snaps of a new Pretty Little Liars Jumper I bought from DaSilvaLondon. This outfit is based around the jumper and how I would style it. Please let me know what you think of my little put together.
I went for a more casual minimal look… scroll down to see more pics.

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Jumper (link)
Trainers (link)
Old shorts from H&M
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Today's Style // Shein Turtleneck Colour Block Tassel Poncho

Shein Turtleneck Color-block Tassel Poncho

For today’s style, I paired this turtle neck colour block tassel poncho with a mini skirt I bought recently. I  wanted to wear a button that will compliment the poncho and not take too much attention from it because this poncho has a lot of character already.

Shein Turtleneck Color-block Tassel Poncho
Shein Turtleneck Color-block Tassel Poncho
Shein Turtleneck Color-block Tassel Poncho

Shein Turtleneck Color-block Tassel Poncho
Do you like my little put together?
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Turtle-neck Colour Block Tassel Poncho – Link
Platform- Link
Mini Skirt – Link
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I hope you’re having a great start to the year! 
Happy New Year

Today's Look // F&F Heeled Boots

  I recently stopped at my local large Tesco store just because I was bored and I picked up these boots – which am absolutely loving. So much so that I haven’t wanted to wear it with everything and I have had fun wearing it.  

I was very surprised when I came across it at Tesco because as far as I can remember stuff from local supermarkets weren’t very fashionable but this boots were very much in my basket the minute i clocked eyes on them. A bargain hunter myself, I was happy to have found these because they look much more expensive than the actual cost!
Now that it’s been brought to my attention though, I will certainly be popping in-store to check out their collection! Not only is the F&F range affordable, it’s also on trend, offering footwear & clothing for everyone. They also offer free in store returns, and I believe a click and collect option, which is very handy for those of you who live near a store. 

What do you think? Have you popped into your local large Tesco store late? What treasure(s) have you discovered? Have you ever bought from F&F clothing? 
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F&F Panelled Block Heel Ankle Boots – Link
Petite Cream Scallop Hem Top – Link
Red Tartan Skirt – Link
Happy shopping!
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Not So Monochrome

Homies New York Sweater – Link
Jeans – Link
White Trainers – Link
Necklace – Link

Here we go again, not so monochrome look for today’s outfit put together, I really love these white trainers from ASOS which some may feel is  not very ideal. I feel it just brings the outfit together and helps me pull off my chilled-out outfit. I was going for the outfit baby wore in Dirty Dancing and I think I achieved it lol. Sometimes, the feel needs a little downtime from all the heels wearing 🙂 What do you think? Do you like my little ensemble?