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Let's talk about some browmazing products

Fever Masquerade Hidden Pleasure

Hello there and welcome to my little corner of the internet. 
For today’s post, I talk to you about an affordable lingerie by Fever Collection; a company based here in the UK. They sell wigs, lingerie and more… check out their website for more..
When i opened the box, I was really pleased with it’s contents 
The picture above shows what comes in the box; it is basically everything except for stockings. For the price stated on the website this is a bargain.
Please scroll down to see close-ups shots.

I personally really like this lingerie, it is very affordable and feels very comfortable on. My negative with it is that it didn’t fit my boobs properly…being a petite girl with big boobs …i personally didn’t like the fit around the breast area. maybe it is this a design fault. I am willing to buy another style to try out and review.
Have you heard of Fever Collections before? Have you tried any of their products? Do you also this issue when things don’t fit your bust properly 馃檪
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Fever Masquerade (link
*this item was sent to me for an honest review*

Jools Drinks // The Notes

Hello and welcome! Today’s post is on JOOLS drink (click here for company info) “a delicious healthy green tea with fruity pearls” – a green tea drink I was sent for review.  The package the drinks came in was beautifully wrapped… I almost thought I had received a late Valentine’s Day present lol. I was sent a sample of each flavour from the collection – apple green tea with lychee pearls, cranberry green tea with acai pearls and mango green tea with acerola cherry; I was also sent a jar of Lychee  Pearls to try alone or to help mix things up a little bit — some lychee pearl cocktails anyone!
It’s a very fruity, just right (not sugary for me at least) tasting, sweet smelling tea. All these teas have some popping pearls in the drink which is kinda exciting because different pearls pop differently and adds some zing to the tea.  
hmm lychee pearls .. goes pop when bitten 馃檪
The is actually delicious, considering it’s green tea and it also comes with a fun straw that fits perfectly in the bottle.
I suppose, one tiny draw back, is that the tea does leave a slight green tea after-taste in the mouth. It is a very inexpensive tea that is available in major supermarket i.e. Harrods, Holland and Barrett, amazon…click here to see more stockist
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Have you tried JOOLS drink? 

*this drink was sent to me for an honest review*

Details – Kapten & Son


Hello! And welcome. I hope you’re having a great day. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the month – my official count down till payday begins lol. For days post I wanted to share with you a new arm candy I treated myself to last month.

I like many use Instagram find lots of new emerging brands and products I would like to try . Kapten & Son is yet another brand I discovered on insta. I really liked the way their watches looked. Kapten & Son are a German based manufacturer of male and female watches (get more company info here)

I was super excited when I finally received my order; the delivery process was so stressful… got to a point when I thought to myself I wished I hadn’t ordered the watch. They had used a delivery company that was just in my opinion difficult to contact and had a very bad customer service.

Look at the watch! It’s so beautiful, it so elegant. It’s perfect ?? Scroll down to see more pics of this beautiful watch.

I am seriously thinking of ordering another from them but I am just scared I am going to have to deal with DHL again which as you can guess am not looking forward to. 

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Campus Silver “Black Mesh” watch – link
Have you heard of this company before? What other companies have you discovered on instagram? Don’t you think of the watch if gorge.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fab day wherever you maybe,

Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips – The Thoughts

Hello and welcome. I hope you’re having a fab day. For today’s post, I wanted to talk about Doll White’s teeth whitening strips I  was won on the Bloggers Hangout Twitter Party. I will be doing an initial review today and then do a follow up review after use. 
 The picture above shows the package with all the instructions one would need to use this very affordable teeth whitening system – quick and easy steps. 
Here is a picture of the whitening strips in the packet. As you can see it looks really quiet easy to use.. one a day, 14 days later and boom bam boom you’re all set for a shiny pearly white smile .. now let’s hope it works on me!
Have you tried Doll White teeth whitening strips before? Did you get any results?

Hair Meet Mane 'n Tail

YouTube is the devil I tell ya.. I was watching a video on some hair favourites when I came across this product. So I did a search on YouTube and tons of videos positive reviews came up and being the sucker that I am I went ahead and bought some of the products to test out myself and see if my hair grows.
I am currently on my second week of using these products and I am currently unhappy with the daily leave in conditioner because it makes my hair super dry and really hair to comb but the rest of the products have been ok. However, the herbal care is a little greasy but am going to continue to use all these products to see if my hair gets any longer or thicker or get some sort of positive (hair becomes softer and easy to manage) or negative result (I loose all my hair)…. lol
I am a believe of trying a product to its fullest before giving up and I will keep you posted on my hair growth journey.
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Have you had any luck with the Mane n’ Tail products? 
Please leave your thoughts/comments below.
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A Little Charlotte Tilbury Here

If you haven’t already heard about the Charlotte Tilbury is a mini bio.. launched about two years ago in the UK and US. If you have seen any of Charlotte Tilbury tutorials or videos of her speaking about the brand, you will see that she is most passionate, enthusiastic and proud she is about her creations and the reviews I have seen and heard so far has mirrored the same positivity… there’s been nothing but praises so far.
The Charlotte Tilbury brand has been one of the most raved about high end brand of the last two years by bloggers and beauty experts alike. I have been lusting after some Charlotte Tilbury for a while not and finally this week I decided to try two of the much loved products, the matte lipstick and lip liner.
So let’s talk lipsticks shall we seeing as it’s the one I can’t stop oohing and aahing over. This is by far hands down, one of the best beauty buys of 2015.  I am so in love with the colour, the way this feels when you apply it on the lips.. its feels so amazing, its just a great lipstick.. I love matte lipsticks because they tend to be less messy … less transferable at least for me i guess and this lipstick so far hasn’t caused me any such embarrassment at least when I tested it with a drink so far so good.
It is a revolutionary matte indeed and I cannot wait to create more fun looks with these and there’s no perfect time than this autumnal wintry weather.
Berry Naughty is the liner one should use to line ones lip when one wears this Glastonberry lipstick.
This liner is a similar berry shade as the lipstick.. the perfect killer combination for a berry vampy lip combo – it feels great on the lips its very moisturising, helps to pull everything together…just a nice nourishing liner.

Next on my wishlist, the Magic Foundation, Miracle Eye Wand, Air Brush Flawless Powder, Filmstar Bronze & Glow, and Cheek to Chic, basically the list is endless, If i had my wish I would love to try each and every product 馃檪
So which of these product(s) have to tried? Or which of these do you think you’ll be trying?Or would love to try?

S贸ley Organics

One of the perks of  being a blogger is you get to find out new companies and try new things you may otherwise have never thought about trying or even getting your mitts on. And today my lovelies, I have a goodie post for you. I will be reviewing S贸ley Organics. I got myself some sample products to try, test and review. Please scroll down to see my findings.
So I hear you ask, who are S贸ley Organics and what do they do? Well my beauty, S贸ley Organics is beauty and skincare range by S贸ley El铆asd贸ttir a longstanding Icelandic figure of both theatre and film world. She turned 16 generation of family tradition harnessing the healing properties of herbs following her grandmother’s footsteps; she created S贸ley Organics and launched her first product in 2007 called GR脝脨IR-  a therapeutic cream.
GR脝脨IR is very good for many skin irritations like dryness etc. it looks thick in the tube but it is easily absorbed into the skin and is very moisturising and non-greasy; a little goes a long way. (click here for a full list of ingredients) The creams smells like a mix of herbs and is too overpowering but enough to enjoy each scent.
GR脝脨IR Shampoo features the same Icelandic herbs utilized in the GRAEDIR cream but with lemon and leaf oils (click here for full ingredients) Is a healing shampoo, that cleanses the hair from dirt and with continual use has proven effective on various forms of scalp irritation like dryness etc.
n忙r冒 A gentle soothing tonic with orange blossom and wild Icelandic herbs which helps to tone, balance, soothe and helps to keep the pores clean and clear (click here for the full list of ingredients)
eyGL脫 containing unique blend of evening primrose and Icelandic herbs, helps to nourish, moisturize improves the skin’s natural radiance, improves the skin’s elasticity, the blend of ingredients calms and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft for overall skin health.
 lind shamp贸 a natural shampoo which helps to revive dry and tired locks.This shampoo gently cleanses the hair leaving it stronger, healthier and more manageable. lind shamp贸 contains all the herbal goodness the other products have plus some grapefruit, leaf and twig oil (click here for a full list of ingredients)
Click here to shop and see full range of products.
Have you tried any products from S贸ley Organics? What are your favourite products?

Jordana Cosmetics First Impression

I was recently sent some Jordana Cosmetics products from Beauty Crowd to test and review for you my lovely readers. Jordana Cosmetics is very affordable makeup made in the USA- click here for more background info to know more. The cosmetics world have been flowed with affordable makeup and here in the UK we find it difficult to get stuff from the US. Thankfully, i have been offered a chance to try Jordana Cosmetics, to see if and how well it performs.
All of these products sent are all below 拢4..bargain!! The products come in sleek packaging, small enough to fit in any handbag. With the first use of these products smells very sweet.. good enough to eat; i found that the Cuticle oil feels nice on the nails, the Cupcake Roll On, nourishing on the lips, the Lip Balm leaves a hint of colour on the lips and also feels great on the lips, the Mascara is very lengthening but also pink which is very new to me. 
I am very excited to try these products and see my final thoughts once i have tried it for a while.
Have you tried Jordana Cosmetics before?
Please leave your thoughts and or comments below,
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*I was sent this products for an honest review*