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Stronger Than Yesterday

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It is true that sometimes in life you’re put in situations where you may feel like you’re never going to make it out alive but then you make it and you wonder why you were stressing your pretty little head about it. Two years ago I lost my father and I have never ever been the same again. Because he died back home in Sierra Leone, I am still not convinced he’s dead, I still think he’s alive and people are mistaken. Since the news of his death, I have been plagued with thoughts of making sure I live my life full of fun, laughter and many many memories and how much I must always make sure I live life to its fullest. Last week I was hit with one of the shocker of this year so far, I must admit, I am still in shock, although I am happy about the current outcome because I didn’t like being in the situation in the first place yet still in shock. I have thought how much I spent working my ass off to please people yet they did not even appreciate me doing all the extras to make things happen. Instead they bullied me and made me feel really really small and insecure about myself. And now I am out of the situation, I am happy that I don’t have to face the big bully anymore. They tried to make my life a living hell  for as long as I can remember, they will always be a very small person who deserves everything that’s coming to them because karma’s a bitch. I am stronger than yesterday, nothing is going to stand in my way. I know that I will make it I just need to keep fighting and my hard work will pay off.
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For those of you who are currently going through a situation where you feel like you’re not going to be free or make it to the other side, trust me when I say, that you will see the light one day just keep going and don’t ever give up or give in.

Roses Are Red, Denims Are Blue, I am Beautifully and Wonderfully Made, So Are You

For as long as I can remember, I have always shy away from being the centre of attention. I know you’re probably thinking, how can not love being the centre of attention if you are a wanna be blogger?? Because I struggle like most of you with self-confidence, like most days you will probably find me hiding behind tall people on the train trying to avoid eye contact with everyone It sounds very sad but it probably isn’t that bad. Even when i am walking down the road and someone is checking me out, I seriously turn around and see if someone’s behind me. And its beginning to over take my life, I walk without any confidence in my walk and having big noticeable boobs like me makes it even worse – I have on countless occasions wandered what life will look like as smaller boobed person because (i) I seriously struggle to find tops that fit me well without riding up to my chest (I have to actively put my tops down mostly all the time because they look very funny when they ride up to the chest) And (ii) I feel that social media actually does not seem to promote positive body image especially with the fashion world obsessed with what they regard as perfection I sometimes looks at myself and feel like I am not perfect; which is why I keep wanting to change things about myself. Guess what NO ONE IS PERFECT – there is always one thing that everyone would love to change about themselves which is why the body argumentation industry is ever growing and you have people who are addicted to plastic surgery.

I am currently working on getting these negative thoughts out my head because one thing I have learnt in my life is that I am not like everyone else, I do things when it’s my time to do that thing. And I have seen and met such amazing beautiful people inside and out that social media would not consider to be perfection +who wants to be like everyone else anyways. If everyone was the same life will be dull and boring.
If you like me struggle with accepting what you look like, just know that I am sure all the people you idolise struggle with this too – so try to stop stressing, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.
Have a fab day and please leave your comments below of your own personal struggles or your thoughts on this post. And i hope you like my little rant.
BTW – how cheesy is this post title 🙂


Believe and Make It Happen

When you’re a short small person like me, you find it difficult to pull off certain looks. Especially wide leg long trousers like this one from F21. Being me, I always never ever give up on something I really want and eventually I will achieve or get that thing with hard work. Soz I am going off point here! I have had these trousers for quite some time now and it wasn’t until recently that I, your average shorty decided to actually wear it out. And it’s only because of my new motto in life “live life with no regrets” and “Do whatever makes you happy and the rest will fall in line” because of certain unwritten fashion rules people like myself who were too self-conscious haven’t really experimented with their style because of what and how people will react. Now I have grown some balls and decided to wear anything and everything I want because I am my own individual and people will always and forever judge things they themselves do not understand and do not have the guts to do.  So today my internet friend I wanted to share with you this look to give you the push to try and break some fashion rules; after all fashion is an expression of one’s personality. 
What fashion rules would you like to break?
Thanks for stopping by and ps don’t forget to do you and don’t let anyone try and put you in  a box.

Positive Vibes Only



Hello and welcome! I hope you’re having a good day. I always asked this because I know some of you reading this may not be having the best day so I ask even though I don’t know who you are; I would like us to be Internet Friends.
Today’s post may seem a little different because I am trying to change this up and continue to show you that I am not a one-dimensional girl, I like almost everything and find joy in anything because life is short after all and one should always try to find joy in the littlest things.


Being a petite girl with ginormous boobs people always comment on how short I am and how being a girl of a certain height and shape what you can and cannot do or wear. For example; I have been told by a certain person that because I am a small person, I cannot wear maxi-dress because I cannot pull it off. This really got to me and I literally wanted to slap this person but I kept my cool and said to myself, who gave you the right to tell me what to do. Come on, I am my own individual and I can and will do what I want to do as long as I feel comfortable and confident. One of my teachers at school told me not to study the subject I wanted to study at university because they said it was too hard and I will find it difficult.  I am here to tell you this, my dear readers people say these things because they are spineless scaredy-cats who don’t/didn’t have the guts to do these things so when they see an ambitious young girl/boy who wants to strive to succeed they will rather instill fear and try to talk you down so you won’t grow to be better. People say mean things all the time because they want to spread hate and want you to  feel unworthy or insecure. In a society where being perfect,(seeming perfect) is such a big deal these words spoken can sometimes find their way into our heads and we tend to dwell on them rather than try to ignore them and work to gain your ambition or dream.

Please let me know if this is something you’ve experienced and how did you move passed it?
Thanks for stopping by and don’t let the haters win