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How to Style| High Waisted Jeans For Autumn

White T-ShirtDuring the autumnal months, it is not very cold so you can get away with wearing very relatively sheer clothing. As jeans are a stable that can be worn all year round. It is one of the most fun item to style because they go with literally everything. High waisted jeans on the other hand can be difficult to style. If you don’t have the right top or shoes you’re screwed. I have had these pair of jeans for a while and i thought it would be fun to style it as it getting a little colder now and this pair is very thick. I decided to pair these jeans with a slogan top i bought from Lasula. And because the jeans are very very long and I am very petite (short), I finished the outfit off with these black platform heels I got from Public Desire.


How to Style| The White T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress
Styling the white t-shirt dress can be easy peasy. Because white goes with everything. I decided to dress it up a little bit more by adding my trusted public desire platform heels. I have been loving my baggy denim jacket from Missguided. I thought, it would go well with the dressed up but not too dressed up look I was going for. I kept my details very simple adding this stunning watch from Kapten & Son. I really wish summer wasn’t at its end so it will be easy to dress up and leave the house on time for a change 🙂

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12 Outfit Ideas for Navigating Those Tricky Summer/Fall Period

Hello! I hope you’re having a very good day? Today I am happy to share with you some of my outfit ideas to deal with those unpredictably tricky summer/fall period. Finding the perfect outfit during this time can be quite annoying. You want to find an outfit that is in season, that’s not too warm for the odd scorching sunny days. And warm enough for those chilly jacket please keep me warm kinda days. In the UK we are notoriously known for having terrible weather. I personally gravitate towards the heat. Living in a country with an unpredictable weather is a chore. I have an umbrella in my bag 24/7. The best thing to remember during this in-between weather time is to always carry a jacket or light scarf. Check out some of my favourite in-between outfit ideas below.

What do you do to stay warm/cool during the in-between summer/fall season? Comment below!
xx Mariama