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A Limecrime Haul

limecrime utopia bundleWhen it comes to buying makeup, I am still a newbie. I am yet to find my perfect face or my signature look. Limecrime has been one of those American sites I have been wanting to try some of their products for ages. Whenever I visit their site, I want to click and buy everything especially now that they have added the unicorn hair colours as part of their range. I was lucky enough to have extra money and i thought why not treat myself to some new makeup and hair products. As part of this order, I actually bought kawaii, bubblegum rose and anime, unicorn hair colours. as well as the Venus Palette Bundle and the Utopia Velvetines Bundle.
You know the hair I have rocked since July 2017, well I used the kawaii hair colour to dye it. Though I must admit, using their products has been a dream. I have not been disappointed at once, the hair colours I used to dye the hair smelled amazing, and it left the weave looking shiny, healthy and bouncy.
I am aware that Limecrime is sold at some UK companies however, because their products are in such demands, it tends to sell out really quickly. That’s actually some of the drawbacks about liking US brands, it’s very difficult to find most of their products in sock in the UK and if you do decide to order from the US, you have to pay customs charge.Although, I didn’t have to pay customs charge for my Limecrime order and the order came within 5 days. It was one of the fastest out of country order i have ever received. Because I had such an amazing experience with Limecrime, I will easily happilly go back and order from them again and again.  I cannot wait to get my hands on some more of their products 🙂
Some companies are really bad with shipping, I have recently had issues with a UK company. They took almost three months to send me an order I made back in June and I have only received this order last week. I will be doing a video review of the initial un-boxing and overall experience which should be up on my YouTube channel by next week.


Have you tried Limecrime product(s)? Did you enjoy using them? What other products would you recommend for a newbie makeup user?


Giving Beauty Box Another Go

GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box
GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box - ModelCo Contour Stick GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box - 111SKIN
I have been a massive fan of beauty boxes in the past. Early this year, I decided to pause my subscriptions because some of the samples I have accumulated in the past haven’t all been used up. Beauty boxes are one of my favourite way to try different products that I otherwise would not have even thought of trying. The first thing I reached for in the June GLOSSYBOX was the sample book, I am a massive bookworm and love getting lost in a great novel. Reading enriches my soul and keeps my imagination alive. This book is just pretty darn wonderful and would love to get my hands on an actual copy when it comes out.
Also in the box is the eness exotic africa hand cream, which smells divine and is so rich, a teeny tiny bit is all you need to keep your hands moisturised. I really loving this hand cream and it’s firmly in bag to save my dry hands during the day.
Next up, i got the 111skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel, which smells like baby powder. I applied it straight away under my eyes and it feels quite nice, I haven’t seen any results yet because I have only been using it for a few days now. The full size is £110 so I am pretty sure it should do some wonders to help brighten my under eyes before it runs out.
Batiste Stylist Shield My Locks Heat and Shine Spray, was a welcomed addition to the box. Because I don’t blow dry my natural hair, I will definitely be using this on my weave when I get it done. I have only used Batiste dry shampoo before and I loved it so I looking forward to testing this bad girl on my weave shortly.
BeautyPro Black Diamond Mask  I love anything charcoal-y and a mask. I am always looking for products that can help unclog my pores and also help reduce shine. Nothing beats a mask moment, which I now trying to have at least once a week. This mask has all the things I look for in my masks and i cannot wait to try it out. Yayy!! excited 🙂
Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon has to be my least favourite product. I love the way it glides on the lips and how it tingles after it’s on your lips. I just don’t like the colour Notorious Nude, it looks like the milky nude, I really dislike which is usually how nudes colours look on me which is why I refrain from wearing nude lipsticks. Other than the horrible nude colour and it breaking on me when I was trying it on the third time around, everything else about the lip crayon works for me. Sorry Sleek Makeup 🙂
I am now trying to work on upping my makeup game to keep you with the Instagrammers. One of the things I struggle with is contouring. And because I have oily/combination skin, I aM frankly clueless when It comes to finding products that work without melting my face during the day. The Manna beauty simplified glow illuminator  is really amazing, it’s so dreamy on the skin when applied and its liquid which stays on for ages. You can either mix it with your foundation or it can be worn alone as a highlighter which is what I have done to glow my cheeks 🙂
I have never ever used ModelCo products because I have felt that it is for lighter skinned people. I was proven right when I tried their contour stick. It’s completely the wrong shade for my skin tone and it’s also a bit too oily for me. If you can recommend a product that might suit a dark-skinned girl like me, please go ahead and leave your suggestions below.
Finally, my favourite product in this month’s box has to be thisworks In Transit Camera Close-Up. This is so creamy and it feels amazing on the skin. A must product for anyone looking for a product which helps to nourish the face. I would love to get the full size if it continues to work on my face as it has done for the past three days. Hopefully, I don’t break out if I continue to use it.
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Latest In Beauty – No Shine Mattifying Foundation

Have you ever bought something and you have been so impressed by the result that you’re still thinking it’s too good to be true. Well that’s exactly how I feel about this foundation. I mean literally, still in shock. For some of us with very oily skin, we tend to find it very difficult to find the perfect foundation on the high street – I think i have spent lots of money on expensive branded makeup which has turned out to be shit and not worth the penny. On my recent trip on to the high street, i stumbled upon this makeup. For those of you who like me are a little scaredy cat when it comes to trying on high street makeup because you have had a terrible experience with some of them. Truthfully, i was a little or more than sceptical to try this but being the person that I am, i tested it on my hand and it was an exact match for my Lancome Teint 24hr foundation. So i thought to myself, that i could buy it and use it as my daily foundation seeing as it’s so very very cheap. I bought it home and tried it on the next day and I was bloody impressed. I had no oiliness, the working day and on the next day, I wore it during the day and on my night out and still no shine or oiliness anywhere on my face. I did use my trusted milk of magnesia as a primer, maybe that’s why I didn’t get no shine. I have used that as primer for my other foundation and i would have to keep touching up in the toilet and have my makeup print all over my desk, notepads etc at work but for this foundation, o£far i haven’t noticed any transfer. For a product that’s £7.99 I am very very happy I stumbled upon this or i would be forking out 30 odd pounds on expensive foundation when this inexpensive one is just as good or even better than the very expensive ones. After trying this foundation, I really wanting to try some of the other products in their beauty range, so I shall be doing more reviews of any others I shall venture to try out.
Have you tried any products from NewLook’s beauty collection and did you recommend that product? If you haven’t tried out some of their products, I would highly recommend their foundation. ps – they have foundation for normal skin. So every skin is welcome. I am in shade caramel.
Thanks for stopping by and i hope you like the new look!!

Current Winter Face

New In Makeup Spectrum Brushes

Hello guys and girls! Welcome to another day in my little corner, I am glad to have you here and I hope you’re having a fabulous day. 
 I first came across the Spectrum Collections brand browsing Instagram and I have been meaning to try out their brushes for a while and finally took the plunge; bought myself these pretty brushes and it’s totally worth it. Instagram is my new shopping app. I loathe it sometimes but I have so many pretty things because of it. These brushes are super soft with a pretty rose gold detailing. I haven’t used it yet and am hoping to do a proper makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel shortly. Scroll down to see some more pics of these beautiful brushes.

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LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers and Correctors

Colour correcting has been all over the internet for the past two years now.  For those of us who suffer from the daily skincare imperfection, each colour can help camouflage and conceal these skin imperfections. Orange helps to reduce discolouration, green counteracts redness, yellow evens out the skin tone, whilst peach helps to brighten and purple transforms dull and lifeless skin. I myself have tried a few .expensive and inexpensive brands and correcting palettes over the years and today, I will be babbling about LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers and Correctors.

Being a makeup junkie myself, I am always on the lookout to try and find products that help my face look absolutely flawless. On a daily basis, I use concealers to effectively help cover up my dark circles. When I first stumbled upon the LA Girl Orange Corrector i must admit, at first i was a bit sceptical to try it because of my inexperience to colour correcting and how hard it was for me to hide the colours after application; I knew I had to get my hands on it because i have loved using every product I have bought from them. After watching a few YouTube beauty gurus and figuring out how to use it, I was happy to try it. I have been using the orange corrector mostly because i suffer from dark circles and hyper-pigmentation in some areas of my face. As the orange helps to warm up my skintone and  get it ready for concealer. I haven’t used the LA Girl Green Corrector at all because I don’t suffer from redness.

Apart from the Colour Correctors, the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Chestnut is my concealer of choice lately, this concealer provides high coverage yet give a natural looking finish. It is long-wearing, easy to apply, easy to blend, crease resistance formula who needs more reasons to have this on this on my makeup essential kit and need I say that it is very affordable and comes in many shades. I am not very keen on the brush applicator on these concealers because of bacteria transfer; one can use a brush to apply to minimise risk of any transferring of bacteria…asides from this design flaw everything else is on point.

Have you tried colour correcting? or any of the LA Girl Concealer?
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Glossyboxuk March 2016 Box


 Hello and welcome. I hope you are having a good day. For today’s post, i will be sharing with you my thoughts on the March box I received from Glossyboxuk.

Included in the box is the welcome letter from the ever generous people at Glossybox.

As always the little card of information telling you what’s included in your box and how much the full size will cost.

A shampoo and conditioner from -417… a brand I have never heard of – one of the beauty of subscribing to beauty boxes you’ll get to discover new brands that you other wise wouldn’t have probably heard of. I haven’t opened this shampoo or conditioner yet but if the reviews are anything to go by I will love using it on my hair.

I was also sent the hey honey facial serum which I love using with the Olay skin tone perfecting cream. Both smell so sweet and are not sticky or too heavy when applied.

How pretty is this highlighter from so susan. I haven’t used it yet again but I will definitely be testing it out soon…the colour doesn’t look too light for me to use on my skin.
I was really pleased with this months box especially receiving this gorgeous soft brush from Luxie. This was actually one of the products I was itching to open. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all with this goodies in my March box. How about yourself? Did you like all the products you received in this months box?
Have you subscribed to any beauty boxes yet?
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2016 First Monthly Favourites

Hello and welcome to another awesome first monthly favourites post of 2016 (this month has really flown by). I do hope you are having a great day wherever you are today. Please scroll down for my thoughts on some of the products I have loved using during the month of January.

For this month because the weather has been very unpredictable, I found myself using a lot more skincare (face care) products. I felt that my face needs that extra boost. 
I really fell in love with my Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush again and I have really loved how my skin felt after using it.  Although I do also love using my FOREO Luna mini this month I have been attached to the Magnitone cleansing brush and my face just doesn’t feel clean or right just using the daily cleanser I have to use both together for my face to feel squeaky clean. 
On my recent visit to boots I picked up the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel. This cleanser has completely changed my skincare cleansing routine lately. This product and the Magnitone Cleansing Brush……..the perfect combination.
I have also loved using the my little beauty box night cream again this is another must have on my updated skin care need list. It leaves my skin nourished and gives it all it needs during the night.
The other two products I have also loved this month are the Caudelie products I talked about (here).  I usually use the My Little Beauty’s Midnight Cream after I have sprayed some Caudelie Beauty Elixir and applied Caudelie Vinoperfect (a light serum) I use daily to help reduce my dark spots and it also helps to brighten the complexion; I use these two Caudelie products both at night and in the mornings I use them before I apply Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser I wrote (here) about.
I also loved using the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk. It smells great, gives my hair some much need lift. My hair feels really soft, easy to manage after use.
The last but not least favourite this month is my to go foundation Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H. I love, love this foundation… it just works with my skin and I can’t say enough about it.  Click here for my previous post on my to go foundation for oily skin. 
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Shea Moisture Curl &Style Milk – Link
Talika Photo-Hydra Day – Link
Magnitone Cleansing Brush – Link
Caudelie Beauty Elixir – Link
Caudelie Vinoperfect – Link
FOREO Luna mini – Link
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel – Link
LancômeTeint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation – Link
My Little Beauty’s Midnight Cream – Link
What product(s) have you been loving lately? 
Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.
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Let's Talk About Foundation For My Oily Sensitive Skin Gals

For those of you who have been following or reading my blog for over a year now (yay me), you may already know that I have a very oily sensitive skin. When it comes to choosing makeup can be tough, scary and darn right tiring. Over the years these are some of the foundations I have really loved on my skin and it didn’t really break me out that much and not claiming to be a beauty guru  or anything but since I have taken more care of my skin I have less dark circles actually my hyper-pigmentation has improved so much so that I can leave the house and go across London on public transport without feeling self conscious. Here are some of the stuff that works for me and I hope  these will help some of you who might be struggling to find the right foundation for your skin type.

This is my all time holy grail foundation. It is very easy to use…one or two pump for my everyday look which is very natural; basically me covering up my acne scars and other skin imperfections I notice that day.  
The second is an old favourite. It is very light consistency and once applied gives a natural coverage. I normally mix this up on the back f my hand and then apply it to my face. It is very easy to work with.
Sorry folks, this is a new discovering, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it as soon as I discovered it. I stumbled upon this by accident and I won’t bore you with the details. All I can say is that I have been using this for three days now and I haven’t broken out yet and it looks so great on my skin and it is very hard to transfer at least on my fingers it doesn’t seem to transfer.
Do you love my choices? Would you recommend any other foundation(s) for oily skin?
I hope this post helps. Please don’t forget to leave your comment(s) below.