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Giving Beauty Box Another Go

GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box
GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box - ModelCo Contour Stick GLOSSYBOX UK June 2017 Box - 111SKIN
I have been a massive fan of beauty boxes in the past. Early this year, I decided to pause my subscriptions because some of the samples I have accumulated in the past haven’t all been used up. Beauty boxes are one of my favourite way to try different products that I otherwise would not have even thought of trying. The first thing I reached for in the June GLOSSYBOX was the sample book, I am a massive bookworm and love getting lost in a great novel. Reading enriches my soul and keeps my imagination alive. This book is just pretty darn wonderful and would love to get my hands on an actual copy when it comes out.
Also in the box is the eness exotic africa hand cream, which smells divine and is so rich, a teeny tiny bit is all you need to keep your hands moisturised. I really loving this hand cream and it’s firmly in bag to save my dry hands during the day.
Next up, i got the 111skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel, which smells like baby powder. I applied it straight away under my eyes and it feels quite nice, I haven’t seen any results yet because I have only been using it for a few days now. The full size is £110 so I am pretty sure it should do some wonders to help brighten my under eyes before it runs out.
Batiste Stylist Shield My Locks Heat and Shine Spray, was a welcomed addition to the box. Because I don’t blow dry my natural hair, I will definitely be using this on my weave when I get it done. I have only used Batiste dry shampoo before and I loved it so I looking forward to testing this bad girl on my weave shortly.
BeautyPro Black Diamond Mask  I love anything charcoal-y and a mask. I am always looking for products that can help unclog my pores and also help reduce shine. Nothing beats a mask moment, which I now trying to have at least once a week. This mask has all the things I look for in my masks and i cannot wait to try it out. Yayy!! excited 🙂
Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon has to be my least favourite product. I love the way it glides on the lips and how it tingles after it’s on your lips. I just don’t like the colour Notorious Nude, it looks like the milky nude, I really dislike which is usually how nudes colours look on me which is why I refrain from wearing nude lipsticks. Other than the horrible nude colour and it breaking on me when I was trying it on the third time around, everything else about the lip crayon works for me. Sorry Sleek Makeup 🙂
I am now trying to work on upping my makeup game to keep you with the Instagrammers. One of the things I struggle with is contouring. And because I have oily/combination skin, I aM frankly clueless when It comes to finding products that work without melting my face during the day. The Manna beauty simplified glow illuminator  is really amazing, it’s so dreamy on the skin when applied and its liquid which stays on for ages. You can either mix it with your foundation or it can be worn alone as a highlighter which is what I have done to glow my cheeks 🙂
I have never ever used ModelCo products because I have felt that it is for lighter skinned people. I was proven right when I tried their contour stick. It’s completely the wrong shade for my skin tone and it’s also a bit too oily for me. If you can recommend a product that might suit a dark-skinned girl like me, please go ahead and leave your suggestions below.
Finally, my favourite product in this month’s box has to be thisworks In Transit Camera Close-Up. This is so creamy and it feels amazing on the skin. A must product for anyone looking for a product which helps to nourish the face. I would love to get the full size if it continues to work on my face as it has done for the past three days. Hopefully, I don’t break out if I continue to use it.
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A Little Charlotte Tilbury Here

If you haven’t already heard about the Charlotte Tilbury is a mini bio.. launched about two years ago in the UK and US. If you have seen any of Charlotte Tilbury tutorials or videos of her speaking about the brand, you will see that she is most passionate, enthusiastic and proud she is about her creations and the reviews I have seen and heard so far has mirrored the same positivity… there’s been nothing but praises so far.
The Charlotte Tilbury brand has been one of the most raved about high end brand of the last two years by bloggers and beauty experts alike. I have been lusting after some Charlotte Tilbury for a while not and finally this week I decided to try two of the much loved products, the matte lipstick and lip liner.
So let’s talk lipsticks shall we seeing as it’s the one I can’t stop oohing and aahing over. This is by far hands down, one of the best beauty buys of 2015.  I am so in love with the colour, the way this feels when you apply it on the lips.. its feels so amazing, its just a great lipstick.. I love matte lipsticks because they tend to be less messy … less transferable at least for me i guess and this lipstick so far hasn’t caused me any such embarrassment at least when I tested it with a drink so far so good.
It is a revolutionary matte indeed and I cannot wait to create more fun looks with these and there’s no perfect time than this autumnal wintry weather.
Berry Naughty is the liner one should use to line ones lip when one wears this Glastonberry lipstick.
This liner is a similar berry shade as the lipstick.. the perfect killer combination for a berry vampy lip combo – it feels great on the lips its very moisturising, helps to pull everything together…just a nice nourishing liner.

Next on my wishlist, the Magic Foundation, Miracle Eye Wand, Air Brush Flawless Powder, Filmstar Bronze & Glow, and Cheek to Chic, basically the list is endless, If i had my wish I would love to try each and every product 🙂
So which of these product(s) have to tried? Or which of these do you think you’ll be trying?Or would love to try?

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick

If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that I am a massive Makeup Revolution fan. The lovely people at Makeup Revolution has a gorgeous lipstick range called Iconic Pro Lipsticks.  
These gorge lipsticks have had a lot of buzz when they were released and I wanted see how they would compare to other expensive lipsticks.
I purchased Propoganda and Game of Mystery in matte finish. 
The Iconic Pro Lipsticks, comes in about 20 shades ranging from nudes to vampy red shades, in a range of finishes such as matte and lustre finish; each lipstick in a black bullet lipstick casing. 
Similar to their £1 lipstick range, it comes with a clear bottom to help identify the different shades.
The lipstick is very pretty to look at. For a £2.49 lipstick, the case looks a lot more expensive than what the actual lipstick costs…don’t you think.
The formula of the lipstick itself is very soft, creamy and very moisturising on the lips. For me i felt both shades are both pigmented. Because sometimes nude shades are a lot less pigmented with some formulas. Maybe its because these two are both matte shades.
The nude shade was a little was little light for me but it did look a lot more nicer online than it did on my lips. The picture above is what the lipsticks look like under flash.
This is what the lipsticks looks like in natural light.
Have you tried the Iconic Pro Lipstick yet?
Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Blush

Makeup Revolution has one of the most affordable makeup lines on the market and one of the most reviewed on the blogosphere.  The creators at Makeup Revolution also have a line for professional makeup line called Freedom Makeup London.Today, I am here to review the Baked Blush. So what’s different about the baked blusher, i hear you ask- well they are prepared in a different way compared to normal blushers; while normal ones are mixed and pressed into a compact powder form, this blusher on the other hand are literally baked after mixing more concentrated colour pigment powder. The baking method is supposed to give off more bolder colour and longer staying power after application. Scroll down to see if these baked goodies lives up to the hype.
This blusher is available in six shades, all with very memorable names, which might be a mouthful for some to remember but all the same very interesting names. Today, I am reviewing, Bang Bang Your Dead, Hard Dry, Make Love Instead, All I Think About Is You, One For Playing Games and Loved Me The Best.
The blush, comes in their standard black pan doom sized shape  with a clear lid casing. But unlike regular blusher these are a little smaller with a studier lid that snaps shut. 

Makeup Revolution have caused a lot hype in the beauty world,  promising inexpensive makeup with great quality. I have not been disappointed with any of their products so far and as you can see from the pic above, this blush is very pigmented and it catches light very easily. 
I have used a fair bit of budget makeup since i first started wearing makeup and I am very impressed with this product, it looks well put together and looks a lot more expensive. The colours look great!!
Hard Day // One For Playing Games
Love Me The Best // Make Love Instead
Bang Bang You’re Dead // All I Think About Is You
Have you tried the baked blusher from Makeup Revolution?

A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

With liquid lipsticks now becoming a makeup bag must have, i jumped on the chance when presented with the opportunity to test one “LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss”. For those of us who are hooked on Youtube beauty/makeup hauls, this is by far one the favourites for beautyhaulers. I have tried LA Girl products before and I was very happy with the results, so I didn’t blink to try this product.

This lipstick is very easy to apply, looks and feels like a gel but tries to a matte finish. One of the cons’ it’s very transferable, when you kiss someone but i didn’t experience any problems when i drank from a straw.

For those of us in the UK it’s really very hard to get our hands on very popular US products, but thanks to Cocktail Cosmetics I was able to buy and try this matte pigment gloss without the hassle of waiting days for it or weeks for it.

Have you tried any of the well sort after liquid lipsticks? Are they worth the hype? Have you got any recommendations? Please leave your comments below.
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Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner Review

Benefit They’re Real Liner is the no.1 selling Eye Liner Item in the UK*
  I must say that I was skeptical at first because  I have a lot of  eye liners and I didn’t want to buy one more black liner. 

After months of thinking should I or shouldn’t I. I finally took the plunge and bought it with the remover.
I must honestly say that this is by far my best liner yet. It is very easy to use, its waterproof, dries matte black, smudge proof and very very hard to take off.  

Images: DailyDoseOfBeckx

Video: Benefit Cosmetics UK You Tube channel