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Skinny Teatox

I have been testing the Skinny Teatox over the past 14 days and I wanted to share you the results.
So what is Teatox? If you don’t already know; teatox is a detoxifying tea program. 
What does Skinny Teatox contain? It contains: tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb and ginger.
Click here for the full ingredients list  
The package nicely wrapped came with a cute strawberry shaped tea infuser- brewing was very straightforward. There is also an instruction that comes with the pack and its also written on the back of both teas. You are also advised to follow a healthy and clean diet during the teatox to maximise the results; so cutting out caffeine, refined sugar , salts, dairy and any fatty animal products but consuming lots of grains, vegetables, fruits, water and tofu  (see the full lists of products here)
For me personally, I found it very easy to cut my caffeine, sugar and salts etc because I have adopted a much healthier food habit since completing my previous teatox. Although the alcohol was a little hard as I am a social drinker, so i would drink when i was amongst friends or out celebrating, but i managed to pull through.
After a week of starting my program, i noticed i was less blotted and a lot more energetic and felt a lot more better. However, for the first three days, just like my other teatox, I had to lot more frequent visits to the bog.
By the end of the two weeks, i didn’t notice any difference in my waistline. But my intention was to cleanse my system rather than losing a lot weight- so i was very happy with the results.
Like i mentioned before, in order for you to see some results you must follow a clean and healthy diet (now am not suggesting you starve yourself).
Notes to remember: I found that the morning teas smells a little fishy- maybe it contains some fish oils (it may just be my nose playing tricks on me)  ….I quickly got used to it after a few days of consumption and I found it time consuming (esp. when i’m in a rush) having to put the loose morning tea in the little strawberry tea infuser; i guess i just like the easy life 🙂
I would definitely recommend this teatox even if you’re looking  for a little light and more energetic, or looking for a healthy pick me up to brew on a day to day basis along with a clean and healthy diet.
*this product was sent to me for an honest review*< /b>
Have you tried the skinny teatox yet? What did you like about it? If not will you try it?

SkinnyMint Teatox

I joined on the SkinnyMint teatox craze two months ago and started my 28 Day teatox. In case you’re Oh why? Oh why, Becky…. why? I consider myself to be a very healthy (actually maybe a not so healthy most days) slim looking girl. But, I always feel exhausted and tired, I have tried drinking pills to help with my energy levels and it never seems to work and I thought doing a teatox might help with this issue. I did not and do not want to lose weight.

So what’s SkinnyMint, you ask? Well, my dear, they’re a two-step natural tea detox program. It helps to achieve the best natural cleanse (similar to the juice cleanse), increases energy levels with detoxifying effects.
The Morning Boost is designed to help boost your energy throughout the day and also should contribute to control your appetite; the Night Cleanse is meant to cleanse the body naturally as during the night. I decided to opt for the 28day teatox, they offer a 14 Day program for those who wish to try it out before fully committing.
To achieve your set goal, you must follow the teatox correctly; drink the tea and eat a healthy well-balanced diet. The teatox is not a diet plan!
First impression
For the 28Day teatox, you will receive 28 Morning Boost teabags and 14 Night Cleanse tea bags.
The first day I drank the tea, my stomach went crazy (soz TMI, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to share more. So I shall spare you the details but I hope you get the idea because I want you to be prepared for any eventuality when or if you start using it. The more you used it, the more your body will get accustomed to the program and no more stomach craziness 🙂
I found that it tasted rather bad; add a few lemon slices in the tea each time, it will help improve the taste.
Did it work for you
No am afraid it didn’t help to boost y energy levels. It did, however, contribute to control my appetite and made me eat a little less junk which was kinda nice. Shamefully, I have to admit, I have lost weight am now a jeans size smaller. And what’s worse, is that I do enjoy drinking the tea and I might consider doing another 28 Day teatox because I feel it may help increase my energy levels the more I use it.
I know the program kinda sound crazy, I promise you it’s not as scary as it sounds.
For more information, please visit SkinnyMint website here.
I hope you found this helpful in your quest for teatoxing? Please feel free to ask away in the comment section below.
Lots of love
*This is not a sponsored post, I bought this product with my own money*

Missguided – ACTIVE Finally here!!

Missguided Active

Missguided Active is here. The wait is officially over. Here to make you look awesome whilst getting fit. Go and check it out here 

They have a section dedicated to the Active range, which also features tailored exercise videos, lookbooks and tips;

Scroll down and see some of my favourites. Enjoy x
Active Contrast Print Panel Gym Leggings PinkActive Contrast Marl Gym Leggings GreyActive Wet Look Running Shorts BlackActive Double Layer Gym Shorts PeachActive Motif High Waisted Briefs BlackActive Curved Hem Hooded Gym Sweatshirt Grey
Active Drop Armhole Sleeveless Hoodie WhiteActive Cross Back Gym Vest GreyActive Racer Back Contrast Sports Bra BlackActive Wet Look Zip Jacket BlackActive Mesh Panel Gym Leggings GreyActive Racer Back Train Dirty Gym Vest Black
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Birchbox UK: January 2015

Birchbox is one of my favourite beauty and lifestyle subscription. I have found so many brands through through my subscription. I have been receiving a monthly Birchbox since November 2012. I first heard about Birchbox on YouTube. I thought I concept of receiving high end samples each month seemed great. I went on their site and signed up for the monthly box. Every month,  my box is delivered around the 15th. Each box cost £12.95 including delivery, you will also earn 12 loyalty points per month which you can use to purchase another box or buy a product from their site (100 points = £10)

Each box comes with a card listing the items included and how to use them. Birchbox offers an option to subscribe for monthly recurring subscription or annual subscription. Every month, Birchbox will send you an email that your box has shipped and include a tracking number.

Generally, you’ll receive 4-5 samples and one or two bonus items. You do not get to choose your samples. I believe, some make-up and beauty samples are sent out based on your answers in the questionnaire. However, some items are randomized.
The January Box theme is Women’s health. The box also contains ‘Hit Refresh’ booklet which contains helpful bite-sized challenges and tips.
January Birchbox collaboration with Women’s Health magazine
I am really excited to try this out and incorporate it into my workout routine; Even if you’re not an avid exerciser you can use this.
Something to help add shine and volume to my hair; Looking forward to trying this body building conditioner on my afro. lol 
I opened this the next day and I already like it. I will definitely buy the full size.  

 I have already tried this product and I know it has been a bestseller for years. However, for me personally it’s way too sticky; It feels really thick on my lips. I don’t really like it. But I’ll keep it and try it again.

I tried this item today and I do like it. It smells nice not too overpowering and my skin felt refreshed. I won’t mind purchasing this item again.
Healgel Body £39.50
This is another product I haven’t tried yet; I haven’t found the need for it yet. 
The final product which was included in the box, however tried on the day of delivery before i could take a picture is the Embrace Matcha Green Tea £24.99. 
I like this tea a lot. although it does taste very unusual. I do like the after effect so i’ll definitely buy it. I myself, am more of a coffee drinker but I like trying things to help wean me off my caffeine addiction. Maybe this will be the one….
Photo: Birchbox

To me this box is great way to try out new products without splashing out too much. I am very happy with my subscription so far and will continue using Birchbox. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Which box is your favourite? What did you get from Birchbox this month?
Thanks for stopping by.