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Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Guns N Roses T-ShirtBlack JeansBlack JeansVansBlack JeansVansHappy Friday ma lovelies! and welcome to a new month. I hope you’re having a fab start to the new season?
Being a social media person can be very disappointing sometimes. I try very hard not to compare myself to others in this sector but I cannot help it, i only human after all. I know doing that only makes me a little jealous that I am not as successful as others. I sometimes feel, i work so hard to put content up there,  why aren’t i getting the exposure I want  but I am learning that now that I am older, I can’t get things my way anymore. Plus all those other successful bloggers, they’ve all had to work extremely hard to get where they are today. And only with hard work and perseverance will I ever succeed in the blogging industry. I just need to continue to be myself, enjoy what I do. If and when it becomes a chore, I don’t post because my followers can tell when I am grumpy. Even when people follow and un-follow you, don’t give up. Because one day, you will make it. Plus some people have massive followers but you may have more interaction with yours posts. As long as you’re consistent with your posts and are yourself online, people will feel connected and will stay true to you.
How do you stop yourself from comparing yourself to others on social media?
Thanks for stopping by x

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How to Style| The White T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress
Styling the white t-shirt dress can be easy peasy. Because white goes with everything. I decided to dress it up a little bit more by adding my trusted public desire platform heels. I have been loving my baggy denim jacket from Missguided. I thought, it would go well with the dressed up but not too dressed up look I was going for. I kept my details very simple adding this stunning watch from Kapten & Son. I really wish summer wasn’t at its end so it will be easy to dress up and leave the house on time for a change 🙂

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Red, Pink and Vans On the Wall

Pink Hair Vans Vans Vans Vans Vans Vans Vans VansHello! I hope you’re having a good day. Today’s post is all about styling this beautiful floral skirt from Loavies. Adding colour to my wardrobe has been an essential step these days. I love life in colour and what better way to add a rush of colour than with a floral. Floral’s were big this summer. And I think I went floral crazy with all the floral I bought this season. Because of the pink hair and the red lips, it was vital I kept the rest of the outfit colourless. Continuing with the frills, I added this stunning white top with the frill sleeve from Zara. Finishing off the look with my trusted Vans trainers which go with everything.


Top// Zara



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One Down Five More To Go

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The Hair Pill Experiment

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My Purple Ambition

 Hello there and welcome to another post! I hope you’re having a good day. I recently treated myself to a brand new hair do. I have been wanting to do silver/lilac hair for a very long time (watch my silver hair fail –here). I managed too save up and get myself some platinum blonde hair which I dyed in order to achieve this colour. It was the easiest hair dying experience I have had- the hair took the colour very quickly and easily. Anyways enough about the hair, I will have a video up on my YouTube channel soon to talk about the hair so watch the space. For today, though, I wanted to show you the final result. I must say, that even though I wasn’t sure I looked good with the hair, I have had so many compliments from friends and families alike and I am actually getting used to it and it’s a good easy summer hairstyle.

What hairstyle or hair colour are you looking forward to trying or have already tried? 
I love seeing all your comments telling me your own experiences, so please leave me your stories below.
Thanks for stopping by, 
until next time
xoxo Becky

Thoughts on Eva Wigs Lace Frontal

Well hello and welcome, I super happy to have you here with me. I hope you are having a good day today? If you are not then please don’t less your worried get you down as you already know life is too short to worry about the little things in life. 
As you have already guessed, I will be reviewing the  lace frontal I bought from Eva Wigs. Placing the order was very very easy however, receiving my hair is a very different story because they have to make each frontal by scratch this meant that i have to wait for about 3 weeks; during my wait, I wanted to cancel my order but I was then told that because they had already started making my order I could cancel it minus some admin charges, which I wasn’t willing to do. I have I eventually managed to sort out my concerns with the lady at customer service. 
The hair itself  was platinum blonde but when i received it, it wasn’t platinum at all; it looked like dirty blonde. Although it is very silky, soft and fully of life. Me being a do-it-yourself-er went ahead and dyed the hair soi can get it as light as the Bombay hair (here) with some hair bleaching kit I had.  
It came in this box, in a clear plastic bag. 

Here are the pictures of the hair, after I had dyed the roots dark brown, some bits went a little purple/silvery because I had used the silver shampoo to stop the bleach from getting every where. Scroll down to see more pics of the lace and the hair. Now I cannot wait for my hair to be slayed by this new hair dresser I  will be trying out shortly #fingerscrossed!


I felt that this hair, was very easy to bleach, and handle and even with the little glitch before it arrived, I was expecting a very terrible hair and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I hope it lustre, silky, lively hair lasts after several months.
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Eva wig lace frontal – link
My lace frontal specification, Indian virgin hair, silky, dark brown lace.
 How was your experience ordering from Eva wigs; what do you think of my closure.
Please leave your comments on the post below.
xoxo Becky

Daily Curly/Natural Haircare

Apologies in advanced if I am driving you hair crazaayy. I am currently finally found products that work great with my natural hair and I couldn’t wait to tell ya. Today’s post is all about the hair after i have washed and towel dried it. So  let’s begin with these two products shall we.
I first stumbled upon this brand on a bloggers event I attended (click here to see the unboxing video) I was sceptical as usual because it didn’t look like something I could use on my natural hair. One of the ladies who were representing the brand, said that no it is actually for all curly hair types even afro curly/kinky hair.  The first thing i did was smell this stuff and it smells so good enough to eat (PS. don’t eat it)

 I was given two products, one is the curly cream and the other was the style gel. Both products help to tame frizzy, unruly hair. I use these two babies when I want to twist and leave my hair out and it also helps to maintain and makes my curls lasts longer.

My only negative is with the styling creme, it does make my hair a little sticky after use, so be warned that you may need to wash your hair after use if you find it annoying.
 They have a whole range of stuff on their site – click here to check it out 
Have you tried these two products or any products from the Curl Company?
Please leave all your thoughts and comments below
xoxo Becky
 *These product are PR samples

Rescue Me // Goodbye Bad Hair Days

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day.
At the moment I have been loving these three hair masks which I have added to my hair rescue me collection. I decided to try out these products products on my natural hair and because they helped to restore my locks back to life, I wanted to share with you my findings.  Let’s take a look at how these products work and why I am currently loving them. 

There are many masks out there that promise to restore, tame and indeed rescue, dry damaged hair. I have used a few that have left my hair even more brittle. So whenever, I try out hair masks for the first time, my expectations are always very high.
Maria Nila Luminous Colour masque is meant to be used on coloured hair as I haven’t been wearing weave any more and don’t have coloured hair, I decided to try it out on my natural hair and it did wonders on my hair, my hair feels, silky, smooth and tamed after use. Plus this mask is also 100% vegan, sulphate and paraben free and it smells divine. I usually apply and leave it on my hair for about 10-15 mins and then rinse off and then add me some coconut oil. If you are looking for all in one mask then, this bad boy is definitely worth a try.
Bleach London Reincarnation Mask this is also another mask that is meant to be used for something else ie. bleached hair. I have been loving this mask, since i first used it in this video (link) I used it on my hair and again, apply it on my locks and leave it under a shower cap/plastic bag for 10-15 mins and then rinse and voilà my hair is alive and restore fully back to life… this mask also smells good. It can be used on any hair that needs reviving.
The final mask is this Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizing Milk Masque Treatment is the cheapest of them all and it is made especially for curly hair. After use it helps to strengthen, revive and hydrate my untamed mane back to a manageable state and it also smells good. I would highly recommend this to all and you can pick this up from your local beauty supply store. 
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Maria Nila Masque – link 
Bleach London Reincarnation Mask – link
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Mask – link
What is you favourite hair mask to use to restore your hair back to life?
xoxo Becky