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The Flamingo Case from Gocustomised

I was contacted by gocustomized, I was asked if i would be willing review one of their gadget cases. I am always happy to review companies I have never heard of because they sometimes offer more for your money and I am always on the lookout for ways to make my money stretch. I did some more research on gocustomized and I looked at the costs of the personalised cases and I thought to myself bargain.
They offer personalised, phones and iPad cases; you can either choose to use your own personal image or you can use one of theirs.

Ordering the case was quick and easy; I used one of the designs already on their website and I even added my initials to personalise the case a little more. I went for the flamingo case, because it is now summer and flamingos are elegant in pink; the case arrived within two weeks after I had ordered.
I was really happy with the results when i received the order; my case was the perfect fit for my phone, and the image was the perfect shade of pink; I will be happy to use their services again for another personalised case/cover.
The lovely peeps at gocustomized have provide me with a discount code: GC-PR-UK-DOSEOFBECKPROMO10  to share with you all to use on their website.. please note that it is only valid until 30 June 2016. Use now and don’t miss out.
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Studded Details


Hello from the other side! I hope you’re having a good day. Today’s post is a review of some accessories  I was sent by They basically offer affordable jewellery and accessories at very affordable prices… visit their website here to find out more about the company. 
I was sent three items, two ear cuffs and one earrings. The pictures above don’t really do them just but they are very minimal but it does add some character to your ear.
Although it looks inexpensive my ears didn’t turn green when I wore them. I didn’t much like these studs because they just have glitters on them when I thought I would have received ones with crystals…though it still looks very good on.
I have been meaning to try on some ear cuffs lately and this was the most affordable way I could try them and I was pretty satisfied with what I received.
This is my favourite of all the items I received.. it’s just screams wear me ? 
It’s very stylish and adds some much needed bling to my ear. 
These cuffs are my second fav and its 


All in all I was really pleased with all the items I received and for the price of each it’s a bargain. ..they are all very easy to adjust to any ear size and or shape and are very stylish on. 
If you have been meaning to try on some cuffs at very affordable prices I would highly recommend you give this site a try as they offer even belly button studs.
Body Jewellery Shop have some amazing jewellery to choose f
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Details – Kapten & Son


Hello! And welcome. I hope you’re having a great day. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the month – my official count down till payday begins lol. For days post I wanted to share with you a new arm candy I treated myself to last month.

I like many use Instagram find lots of new emerging brands and products I would like to try . Kapten & Son is yet another brand I discovered on insta. I really liked the way their watches looked. Kapten & Son are a German based manufacturer of male and female watches (get more company info here)

I was super excited when I finally received my order; the delivery process was so stressful… got to a point when I thought to myself I wished I hadn’t ordered the watch. They had used a delivery company that was just in my opinion difficult to contact and had a very bad customer service.

Look at the watch! It’s so beautiful, it so elegant. It’s perfect ?? Scroll down to see more pics of this beautiful watch.

I am seriously thinking of ordering another from them but I am just scared I am going to have to deal with DHL again which as you can guess am not looking forward to. 

Shop this post here:
Campus Silver “Black Mesh” watch – link
Have you heard of this company before? What other companies have you discovered on instagram? Don’t you think of the watch if gorge.
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