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Latest In Beauty – No Shine Mattifying Foundation

Have you ever bought something and you have been so impressed by the result that you’re still thinking it’s too good to be true. Well that’s exactly how I feel about this foundation. I mean literally, still in shock. For some of us with very oily skin, we tend to find it very difficult to find the perfect foundation on the high street – I think i have spent lots of money on expensive branded makeup which has turned out to be shit and not worth the penny. On my recent trip on to the high street, i stumbled upon this makeup. For those of you who like me are a little scaredy cat when it comes to trying on high street makeup because you have had a terrible experience with some of them. Truthfully, i was a little or more than sceptical to try this but being the person that I am, i tested it on my hand and it was an exact match for my Lancome Teint 24hr foundation. So i thought to myself, that i could buy it and use it as my daily foundation seeing as it’s so very very cheap. I bought it home and tried it on the next day and I was bloody impressed. I had no oiliness, the working day and on the next day, I wore it during the day and on my night out and still no shine or oiliness anywhere on my face. I did use my trusted milk of magnesia as a primer, maybe that’s why I didn’t get no shine. I have used that as primer for my other foundation and i would have to keep touching up in the toilet and have my makeup print all over my desk, notepads etc at work but for this foundation, o£far i haven’t noticed any transfer. For a product that’s £7.99 I am very very happy I stumbled upon this or i would be forking out 30 odd pounds on expensive foundation when this inexpensive one is just as good or even better than the very expensive ones. After trying this foundation, I really wanting to try some of the other products in their beauty range, so I shall be doing more reviews of any others I shall venture to try out.
Have you tried any products from NewLook’s beauty collection and did you recommend that product? If you haven’t tried out some of their products, I would highly recommend their foundation. ps – they have foundation for normal skin. So every skin is welcome. I am in shade caramel.
Thanks for stopping by and i hope you like the new look!!

Rimmel Exaggerate & Lasting Finish Lip Liners

024 Red Diva
064 Obsession
064 Obsession
Exaggerate Lip Liners  L-R: 
024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession, 024 Red Diva, 024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession
  L-R: Exaggerate Lip Liners 064 Obsession, 024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession.
Lasting Finish Lip Pencil 011 Spice, 004 Indian Pink.
Liners are still a new territory to me. I am yet to master the art of lining one’s lips like a pro. As a newbie lipstick user myself, I have discovered that a liner will make my lips look defined and keep my lipstick from bleeding and will help prolong it. Liners are a godsend gift and if mastered it can help you reshape and re-define your face and give you fuller lips people will be envious of (overdrawn and cheat the Kylie Jenner way). Liners are a new makeup staple of mine. Once a lip liner virgin now a convert thanks to these Rimmel bad boys lol. 

Here are some of the reasons why I am a fully-fledged convert
These liners are not only massively expensive, but they can measure up to big high-end brands. They have lots of shades to suit every skin tone and every lipstick one can think of.
I especially love the formula for the exaggerate lip liners; they tick all the right boxes. Glides on like a dream, soft, creamy and not very drying on the lips. One day I was in a rush, and I applied the exaggerate line without a lip primer and it stayed on for at least three hours, however, it was very drying on my lips; that was to be expected.
I find that they do set into fine lines or imperfection if you do not scrub your lips beforehand and apply a primer. So I will highly recommend you do not skip these steps before applying. The exaggerate liners are very easy to use,  they have a twist-up applicator whereas the Rimmel lasting liners have to be sharpened every time you want to use them which is a pain (but beauty comes at a price).
Both liners come in a variety of shades; I picked up one of each mentioned above except for O
bsession, which is the best nude lipstick/lip pencil ever, I picked up two of these…fell in love with the shade so I had to get it. 
If you are trying to recreate the Kyle Jenner lip for darker skin tone similar to that of the lovely gorgeous, legend Naomi Campbell, then I would advise you to buy this shade. It is very affordable, and you can wear it with your favourite nude lipstick or a brick red lipstick like Wet N Wild’s Spiked With Rum lipstick (here)
Regardless of what shade(s) you decide to go for, these liners are truly a drugstore gem and oh boy oh boy are they gorge! What are you waiting for go ahead with your bad self, you know you want to and I’m sure you’ll need them.

Have you tried Rimmel’s Exaggerate or Lasting Finish Lip Liners yet? Which one(s) is your favourite shade?

Until we meet again,