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How to Style| High Waisted Jeans For Autumn

White T-ShirtDuring the autumnal months, it is not very cold so you can get away with wearing very relatively sheer clothing. As jeans are a stable that can be worn all year round. It is one of the most fun item to style because they go with literally everything. High waisted jeans on the other hand can be difficult to style. If you don’t have the right top or shoes you’re screwed. I have had these pair of jeans for a while and i thought it would be fun to style it as it getting a little colder now and this pair is very thick. I decided to pair these jeans with a slogan top i bought from Lasula. And because the jeans are very very long and I am very petite (short), I finished the outfit off with these black platform heels I got from Public Desire.


Welcome to the New Season

Pink Hair
Black Star DressPink HairMesh DressBlack DressBoohoo DressBlack DressBoohoo Dress
Hello and welcome to the new season….. for Autumn is finally here. For me, this new season means it’s almost birthday time. Which then means Halloween and more importantly cozying up in front of a good TV show or movie with a hot cup of tea or hot coco. The new season also means time to experiment with my style again. Hopefully, it wouldn’t mean because its getting colder my style will become boring and dry. I love Autumnal colours. It’s dark and grungy and it only comes once a year. Plus autumn means winter. Winter means Christmas (lots of days off work and more time for a little R&R) and then new year.
For this season, I have seen lots of dark floral in the shops and magazines. But I am not always one for following trends so I might not indulge in the in season trends as much as i would like to. To celebrate the new month and season I was recently sent this dress from Boohoo to style. I decided to go for an all black everything outfit. And because my hair is pink, that colour was enough for to make the dress pop. And lucky for us the sun came out so we had the perfect weather and lighting to showcase this beautiful dress. I love trying different trends and I cannot wait to try some of this season’s trends.
What trends are you excited to try first? Please don’t forget to follow me on instagram for daily posts ūüôā

Photographer: Charlie

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12 Outfit Ideas for Navigating Those Tricky Summer/Fall Period

Hello! I hope you’re having a very good day? Today I am happy to share with you some of my outfit ideas to deal with those unpredictably tricky summer/fall period. Finding the perfect outfit during this time can be quite annoying. You want to find an outfit that is in season, that’s not too warm for the odd scorching sunny days. And warm enough for those chilly jacket please keep me warm kinda days. In the UK we are notoriously known for having terrible weather. I personally gravitate towards the heat. Living in a country with an unpredictable weather is a chore. I have an umbrella in my bag 24/7. The best thing to remember during this in-between weather time is to always carry a jacket or light scarf. Check out some of my favourite in-between outfit ideas below.

What do you do to stay warm/cool during the in-between summer/fall season? Comment below!
xx Mariama

My Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Hello there! How are you today? I am really excited today, because it is the start of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! I have already been browsing and I figured why not share with you some of my to splash for items. This sale is that chance ¬†that you can splurge on new pieces for the coming Autumn/Fall season. The sale is on until August 6th then all the items go back to full price. ¬†There are so many stunning items to choose from. It’s like Christmas came early. Scroll down to check out some of my must-haves from the sale.

The Hot List

Now that summer is in full swing update your wardrobe with this summer’s hot list statement items, ¬†of some of ¬†the things I cannot get enough of. ¬†From sunglasses¬†and bags of the season to sheer and girly dresses. Get yourself into the sweet holiday vibes with these choices.

Summer Lovin

Now that summer heat wave is officially here and you know I am a massive Missguided fan. I thought I would do a wish list of some of the items I have been loving from one of my favourite shops ever. I hope you like some of my choices. To make me want to shop everything on this list, Missguided are also doing a deal which means you can save when you shop; use code SUMMER for 40% off  and use SHOELOVE for 20% shoes Рboth codes are valid until 24th of June. 

Latest In Beauty – No Shine Mattifying Foundation

Have you ever bought something and you have been so impressed by the result that you’re still thinking it’s too good to be true. Well that’s exactly how I feel about this foundation. I mean literally, still in shock. For some of us with very oily skin, we tend to find it very difficult to find the perfect foundation on the high street – I think i have spent lots of money on expensive branded makeup which has turned out to be shit and not worth the penny. On my recent trip on to the high street, i stumbled upon this makeup. For those of you who like me are a little scaredy cat¬†when it comes to trying on high street makeup because you have had a terrible experience with some of them. Truthfully, i was a little or more than sceptical to try this but being the person that I am, i tested it on my hand and it was an exact match for my Lancome Teint 24hr foundation. So i thought to myself, that i could buy it and use it as my daily foundation seeing as it’s so very very cheap. I bought it home and tried it on the next day and I was bloody impressed. I had no oiliness, the working day and on the next day, I wore it during the day and on¬†my night out and still no shine or oiliness anywhere on my face. I did use my trusted milk of magnesia as a primer, maybe that’s why I didn’t get no shine. I have used that as primer for my other foundation and i would have to keep touching up in the toilet and have my makeup print all over my desk, notepads etc at work but for this foundation, o¬£far i haven’t noticed any transfer. For a product that’s ¬£7.99 I am very very happy I stumbled upon this or i would be forking out 30 odd pounds on expensive foundation when this inexpensive one is just as good or even better than the very expensive ones. After trying this foundation, I really wanting to try some of the other products in their beauty range, so I shall be doing more reviews of any others I shall venture to try out.
Have you¬†tried any products from NewLook’s beauty collection and did you recommend that product? If you haven’t tried out some of their products, I would highly recommend their foundation. ps – they have foundation for normal skin. So every skin is welcome. I am in shade caramel.
Thanks for stopping by and i hope you like the new look!!

Frills, Thrills, Summer Spills


With the weather being so lately here in London Town, one could almost envision summer time. I could not be more excited to switch up my looks with shear flowy frilly colourful items. And what better way to start my almost summer look than to pair this lovely dress with these boots. Because I don’t stick with fashion trends I’ve decided to ditch the stripes and shoot straight for this bright blue that screams to me, Mediterranean summer loving – I mean just imagine walk around sightseeing in Greece of all places and soaking in the culture with this dress. Summer is one of my favourite seasons and I cannot wait to experiment with my looks.
This dress is very lightweight and it can be paired up with anything. One can choose to dress it up with some chic heels or dress it down with some gladiator sandals – the choice is yours!!
Time to almost go shopping for the summer …. who’s excited for some sun?!?! I know I am.


My Top Concealer For Oily/Combination Skin