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The Playsuit

Playsuit – H&M
Platform – Public Desire
Choker – Lamoda
Lips – Limecrime
Summer is the time that i get to be more playful with my style and what better way to experiment than with playsuit.  I fell for the suit the first time I saw it; it ticks all the right points of a summer must have; playfully colorful, short but not too short, airy and can be dressed up or dressed down. I really like inexpensive outfits like this that doesn’t look too cheap. HM is one of the shops who are sometimes very good at surprising me with their clothes in general. Shoes maybe not so much.
What do you think is the perfect summer staple on a budget?
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Red Midi

Dress – Missguided
Platforms – Public Desire
Watch – Kapten & Son
Choker – Lamoda
Lips – So Susan
Pics – Anna Sandul

Hello and welcome. I hope you are having a good day. For today’s post, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts on this lovely little red number I recently bought from Missguided. I know I am not doing it justice in these pics; I am just an average girl next door people who loves fashion and wants to share her thoughts with y’all. Lovely Anna did try to capture my best side though. This is actually a very pretty dress; I absolutely love it and even though I am slouchy in these pics *skinny girl with big chest problems* I had to try and model it for you to see. It’s a very wearable, sexy, comfortable,, inexpensive dress. If you’re in want of a dress that will tick all the right notes, this is the dress for you. Please scroll down for some more beautiful shots of the dress.

What are your thoughts on this red number?
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Bardot Ruffle

Shorts – H&M
Top – Warehouse
Choker – Lamoda
Watch – Kapten & Son
Lips – Rimmel
Heels – Public Desire
The colour white always just blends with anything and everything; for the summer I think it’s just perfect. Especially in the recent heat wave we have been plagued with in London Town. I mean it’s been so hot people have fainted because they probably have underestimated the heat anyways enough of the drama.  This white top is super chic and when i got it, I was thinking of pairing with an inexpensive white culottes that I haven’t been able to get my hands on. I absolutely love how easy this top was to style- it can just about go with anything. In this instance it just brings the look together even with the hair. And those shorts; don’t you think the colour is just something else.
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Blush Pink Platform

I am seriously loving platforms lately and when I saw these bad boys on public desire’s website, I had to have it- it’s in colour blush pink which is a welcomed addition to my ever growing monochrome shoe collection and it’s a platform which is totally in at the moment and it will make your legs incredible long; all the things a girl wants when they buy shoes at least for a shorty like me.

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Platforms – public desire
Fringe Shirt – missguided
Choker – lamoda
Vest – h&m
Lips – So Susan
Pics – Anna
Are you into the current platform craze/what shoe trends have you been longing to try?
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 Hello and welcome. I hope you’re having a great day! For today’s post, the funniest thing happened during the shoot; as the title suggests, I was photobombed. This guy seriously just wanted to be in the pics and we didn’t want to move cause it was the perfect spot. It’s very unusual cause I am normally the person who will photobomb my friend’s selfies. Anyways thought this would be one of those lol posts to share with you all and I am sure there will plenty more awkward posts like this in the future so please watch the space. Other than this photo-bomber the shoot was fun with the girls and I hope you like my little put together. Scroll down to see my outfit/ p.s. don’t forget to leave your comments below – it means a lot to see and read all your comments.

Isn’t it fun being photobombed? Have you ever been photobombed or have you photobombed someone?

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Boots – h&m
Shorts – Topshop
old top – Primark
Choker – Lamoda
Watch – Kapten & Son
Lips – Rimmel
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Distressed Jeans and Red Heels

Hello and welcome to another post. I hope you’re having a fab day today? For today’s post, I decided to style my dress down look with these red heels I picked up a while back from ebay. I know that some people do find it hard to stumble up expensive looking stuff on there, I guess I was lucky this time. I really love the colour red, it just has a way to add a bit of extra va-va-voom to any outfit. Don’t you think that these heels are just perfect shade of red for this little put together? I have read that some people including myself are a little scared of adding colour to their outfit; I just think that now that is it summer (if you can call what we have here in the UK summer ….then) I am trying to add more colour to my wardrobe and I feel it’s the right move.

Pics – Sonya Metzler
What are your go to colours this summer?
 Please don’t let the little huddles in life stop you from living. 
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A Vintage Number

 I am a self-confessed shopaholic.. I know it’s a very bad habit but now I have a valid reason to shop more lol. Take a look at this number, I bought it over a while ago to wear to an occasion and I never did, so I kept it and now I have the chance and excuse to wear it on camera – I know you’re thinking *crazzayy*  it is a very beautiful dress. I agree its a beaut and I absolutely love it and couldn’t wait to show it to you and I hope you love dress as much as I do. 

Photos – Sonya Metzler
Dress vintage from Newlook something similar (here)
Shoes vintage from Zara
Bag vintage from Mother 
Floral prints continue to be my new summer best friend.. what’s your new summer trend favourite?
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xoxo Becky

70's Floral Mini Dress

Summer has now officially started and I have been going through my wardrobe to pick out weather permitting outfits to wear until the summer really kicks in which is likely to be never (typical British weather lol). If the weather behaves like it did the day of the shoot, this dress from nobodyschild is perfect for the not so sunny humid summer days!  


Photos by the wonderful Sonya Metzler
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Dress ~ link
Heels ~ link
Bag ~ similar link
Floral prints continues to be my new favourite trend to wear lately 🙂 
What trends have you been looking recently?
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My Purple Ambition

 Hello there and welcome to another post! I hope you’re having a good day. I recently treated myself to a brand new hair do. I have been wanting to do silver/lilac hair for a very long time (watch my silver hair fail –here). I managed too save up and get myself some platinum blonde hair which I dyed in order to achieve this colour. It was the easiest hair dying experience I have had- the hair took the colour very quickly and easily. Anyways enough about the hair, I will have a video up on my YouTube channel soon to talk about the hair so watch the space. For today, though, I wanted to show you the final result. I must say, that even though I wasn’t sure I looked good with the hair, I have had so many compliments from friends and families alike and I am actually getting used to it and it’s a good easy summer hairstyle.

What hairstyle or hair colour are you looking forward to trying or have already tried? 
I love seeing all your comments telling me your own experiences, so please leave me your stories below.
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