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May Birchbox: Free Your Mind

In this month’s beauty box, the lovely people at Birchbox are helping us free our mind, with this a colouring-in box, which can be entered into the Birchbox ‘Colour Your Box‘ competition. As a self-confessed doodler, I was pretty chuffed to have a big old box to showcase my doodling talents even though am not a very good “artist”. This month’s samples are a mix of items from known and unknown brands, I would need during the summer months.

This mattifying lip rouge came in colour No. 3 New York, which is a fuchsia bright pink. I like the colour a lot, love the applicator as well as the sample size, however, I did not like the final result. This is meant to be a mattifying lip colour. I followed the instruction down to the letter and left it on my lips for quite a while; this lip rouge did not dry to a matt finish; it transferred on everything.  So I gave up on trying to wear it, it just didn’t work for. If you tried this product…please let me know if you liked it or not?
Love the name, first of all. This body butter is non-greasy lotion designed to nourish the skin.  I quite like this butter, it smells sweet, and it is very nourishing, leaves my skin sweet smelling for hours and super soft. Love this butter. The only downside though, the full-size cost £14.50  which is very expensive for a body lotion 🙂
WAH London was this month’s  “Pick Your Sample”: we were given the choice to choose between nail polish, press on nails and nail art pen.  The pen came in “Navy”. I have not had the opportunity to test it out yet. So I cannot really say give a mini-review at the moment.
I have never used a salt spray before and I was very impressed with this product. As well as being a salt spray this product contains sweet almond oil and vitamin-rich algae to help add texture, nourish your scalp and it smells nice. Plus it is also sulphate, paraben and gluten free and it safe to use on coloured or treated hair; Great product to use if you want to achieve that effortless beach waves.
I was very excited to see the RMK brand in my box again. So this product did not disappoint; it helps remove my makeup from my face with ease. Please make sure you give this product an excellent shake before use.
A beautiful treat for your locks; packed
with soy protein to reconstruct, strengthen, condition, moisturise, detangle and smooth your hair. 
This is another sample I have not tried yet, and again I cannot give you a mini-review at the moment…….I am very excited to try this out, I love finding products to help tame my hair. 
Although, I didn’t like all the samples, I feel this is an amazing box of summer products; hair mask, moisturising salt spray. I can definitely see myself using all these products during the summer months. Most of  the samples I received this month are from new brands; I am very happy to receive a beauty box of high standards, the babes at Birchbox are definitely winning….next month subscribers can choose a design of their box. I am thinking of resubscribing to Glossybox- to keep things balanced and more interesting.

Rimmel Exaggerate & Lasting Finish Lip Liners

024 Red Diva
064 Obsession
064 Obsession
Exaggerate Lip Liners  L-R: 
024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession, 024 Red Diva, 024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession
  L-R: Exaggerate Lip Liners 064 Obsession, 024 Red Diva, 064 Obsession.
Lasting Finish Lip Pencil 011 Spice, 004 Indian Pink.
Liners are still a new territory to me. I am yet to master the art of lining one’s lips like a pro. As a newbie lipstick user myself, I have discovered that a liner will make my lips look defined and keep my lipstick from bleeding and will help prolong it. Liners are a godsend gift and if mastered it can help you reshape and re-define your face and give you fuller lips people will be envious of (overdrawn and cheat the Kylie Jenner way). Liners are a new makeup staple of mine. Once a lip liner virgin now a convert thanks to these Rimmel bad boys lol. 

Here are some of the reasons why I am a fully-fledged convert
These liners are not only massively expensive, but they can measure up to big high-end brands. They have lots of shades to suit every skin tone and every lipstick one can think of.
I especially love the formula for the exaggerate lip liners; they tick all the right boxes. Glides on like a dream, soft, creamy and not very drying on the lips. One day I was in a rush, and I applied the exaggerate line without a lip primer and it stayed on for at least three hours, however, it was very drying on my lips; that was to be expected.
I find that they do set into fine lines or imperfection if you do not scrub your lips beforehand and apply a primer. So I will highly recommend you do not skip these steps before applying. The exaggerate liners are very easy to use,  they have a twist-up applicator whereas the Rimmel lasting liners have to be sharpened every time you want to use them which is a pain (but beauty comes at a price).
Both liners come in a variety of shades; I picked up one of each mentioned above except for O
bsession, which is the best nude lipstick/lip pencil ever, I picked up two of these…fell in love with the shade so I had to get it. 
If you are trying to recreate the Kyle Jenner lip for darker skin tone similar to that of the lovely gorgeous, legend Naomi Campbell, then I would advise you to buy this shade. It is very affordable, and you can wear it with your favourite nude lipstick or a brick red lipstick like Wet N Wild’s Spiked With Rum lipstick (here)
Regardless of what shade(s) you decide to go for, these liners are truly a drugstore gem and oh boy oh boy are they gorge! What are you waiting for go ahead with your bad self, you know you want to and I’m sure you’ll need them.

Have you tried Rimmel’s Exaggerate or Lasting Finish Lip Liners yet? Which one(s) is your favourite shade?

Until we meet again,

Birchbox: April 2015

This month’s box was full of many new discoveries,  which I am sure you’ll love to hear about so let’s get started.  
Percy & Reed; Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil £14.00
A hair oil not only protects damaged hair strand but also inject some moisture, it helps to strengthen the hair and also adds volume and can be used as a heat protecting treating. Like I mentioned earlier all the samples I received in this month’s box was a discovery, so kudos to the ladies at Birchbox. I have heard of Percy & Reed. However, I had not yet tried any of their products. The sample size is more than enough introduction to the brand. Honestly, I have not used this that much on my weave. I am waiting to try it on my afro because that needs more moisture, care and attention. Notes so far: It smells divine and leaves my hair with a natural shine. I have not noticed the extra volume yet maybe it come with continued use….. I will buy this product again and try others from this brand. I was sold on the smell and overall benefit of the product 🙂
Pommade Divine Nature’s Remedy Balm £19.80
I have never heard of this brand, so I was happy to have to try it out. The Pommade balm is made up of 97% natural ingredients. It helps to rehydrate, protect, soothe and relieve. This balm is very oily, takes some time to be absorbed into the skin and smells very herby. However, it does rehydrate, soothe and relieve the skin. I used this on my feet because it needs extra care after a long day of work. 

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Violet £17.50
For Apil’s box, subscribers were given the chance to choose one Laura Mercier product, from a selection of three. I wanted to try the foundation primer, but because they had sold out, I was sent the mascara and the kohl pencil instead. The Kohl pencil is very pigmented, very rich in colour and easy to apply, glides like a dream. 
Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara £19.50
I really, really love this mascara.The first time I tried this on, I absolutely loved it…..I know, It is only small but it is very effective, my lashes felt like it was in heaven. I will definitely buy the full size. 
Lola Barcelona‘s Nail Polish (Rambla) £7.50
Tried and tested  and I love the packaging, colour and product. Very spring! and ideal season nail friend 🙂 Yet another brand discovery.
bliss fabulous foaming face wash £19.50
Bliss was another new brand discovery and I was very pleased with this face wash…. It smells like bubblegum hmmm. Takes me back to m
y hubba bubba bubblegum chewing day (soz for the nostalgic moment here people) and it cleansed my face very well without drying. 
Inner Me Beauty & The Green Coffee Bean £10.00
A capsule combining a host of antioxidants boosting vitamins with matcha green tea and the green coffee bean.
How to use: Swallow a capsule daily with water after or with a meal.
Since I can remember I have been afraid of taking capsules and am afraid to say that I haven’t really grown out of it. So am leaving this to try out when one is feeling very brave.
Thanks Birchbox, for introducing me to some many brands!!
That’s all folks 🙂


2015 Skincare Resolution

Hello Everyone! Hope you’ve had a restful weekend?
One of the problems suffered by most makeup users especially foundation wearers is uneven skin. I myself suffer from this as well as large pores, very oily, acne prone and an extra sensitive skin type.
I have tried lots of products that have helped reduced my hyper-pigmentation and my breakout for a while but my skin sort of becomes accustomed with that product and it sort of stops working. So I made a promise to myself, I know  I sound silly but I know how tired I am of my uneven, dull, oily face. So  I promised  my skin, that i’d to care for it like i have never before.  I must confess that it’s probably not that bad and I might be over exaggerating here. But this ugly step sister without makeup would like to become a beauty without makeup lol.
I was browsing YouTube and I came across a video and she was talking about some products she used to help clear her skin. I must admit, I was reluctant to try it, however, I looked at the reviews some of on the sites and took the plunge.  I also bought Nude Skincare advanced renewal serum and the PMD to add to my regiment.

I have been using these combinations of products for about a month now and I can see some results; 

  • my skin looks clearer
  • My pores looks reduced
  • my face has less breakout
  • my face feels smoother
  • My face is less oily

I will do a follow up review soon, so you can see the before and after pics :-). 
My next step is to focus on developing my unique skincare routine and try to mix up my products and hopefully this will help regulate my skin.
I would also like to try thebodyshop vitamin c facial radiance powder mix (link)and the Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush(link). I have heard really good things about them and I will like to add these to my skincare routine. 
Have you tried any of these products?? Please let me know, if it worked for you in the comment section below.
Please find links to products mentioned above below:
Neutrogena daily blackhead eliminating scrub: Link
Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser: Link
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Serum: Link
La Roche Posay Redermic: Link
Paula’s Choice AHA Gel Glycolic Acid 8% Link
Paula’s Choice BHA Gel Salicylic Acid 1% Link
PMD International Orders: Link
Nude Skincare Advanced Renewal Serum: Link

Skincare Wish List
The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix: (Link)
Magnitone Lucid C
leansing Brush:(
All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me.
This regime has worked for me. 
I hope you found this post helpful.
Please leave your thoughts and comments below.
Thanks for stopping by.