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My little Gypset Box

Hello my lovely, long time no see? I hope you have had a wonderful week? So I am back with another post. I have been meaning to switch things up a bit and try some of the other wonderful beauty boxes out there. Up for review today is  My little Box, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle box. 
My little box is a little different to other beauty boxes, because includes not only beauty related products but also fashion and lifestyle accessories…so let’s begin…
This month’s box based around the bohemian life. I’m not cool enough to be a boho chic but I was very surprised by this month’s Gypset edition in collaboration with fashion brand Antik Batik.
When it comes to beauty products, My Little Box includes items from well known beauty brands but also include their in-house beauty range and a little magazine with hints and tips.
 As always, the month’s box came beautifully wrapped 
In this particular box I received Korres Body Milk which helps refresh the skin (it smells amazing). The So Susan Colour Hybrid lip and cheek stain in the shade marsala (gorgeous red shade) was included  as well as their in house face bronzing powder, very soft and stretchy hair ties and last but not least the Bucket Bag by Antik Batik which would have come in handy for the summer festival season or to channel one’s inner boho goddess.

Overall I thought this was a great beauty box! I love that they included a mix of beauty and lifestyle products.
What do you think of My Little Box?
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July Favourites

Hello again! Yes, It’s that time of the month….July favourites, time to share my favourite products that I have been loving this month…Yet another month gone…I know it’s kinda early but soon the countdown to christmas begins. Oh oh, I said it, sorry anyway I hope you have had a great summer even with our unpredictable english weather. Let’s get to it.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia

This is by far one of the best makeup base for oily skin. As you may already know, I have very oily skin especially during the hot summer days… using this helps to minimise excessive oiliness and keeps my makeup in place for the whole day with minimal touch ups…. please be aware that with continual use this can make you breakout more. However, I have found that when I applied the tea tree water (here), it helped to keep my breakouts at bay.

Enzymion Facial Moisturiser

This is another product that is specifically concocted for oily / combination skin… please click here for a separate review here. I have had some good results using this cream as part of my skincare regime…. I really like the fact that this product helps to replenish moisture without the extra oiliness with a matte finish.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I love this powder…. a lightweight powder with a matte finish to help keep my makeup in place…looks natural when i use it. Perfect to slide into the handbag or makeup bag and very wallet friendly at only £3.99 at Boots.

Avon Glow Bronzing Powder

I was at my parents house and this was part of the makeup, i had left behind to use when i visit…. I have been using this to add some warmth to my face after my makeup has been applied.

Foreo Luna Mini

I have really enjoyed using this product to clean my face…the perfect fit for my hands, tiny in size, big in results. Please watch the space for more detailed review on the results i got using this product.

I hope this has been helpful…I might do a review some on the shows and or films I have loved watching.So watch the space for more :-)

Hope you’ve had a lovely, relaxing weekend?

That’s all folks!!

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July Favourites

I Lush You

Lush is one of my fav store for all things pamper related. I really like the fact that everything in their store is all natural. Whenever, I dare to enter any of their stores, I want to buy each and every thing. On my last visit to my local store, I picked up a few essentials :-) Here is a preview on my findings.

Tea Tree Water

I especially bought this because I have read that tea tree is good for people who are prone to break-out. When I tried this I was very impressed. This water is very refreshing, not at all drying on the skin. This toner water is amazing,it leaves the skin feeling soft, and helps to minimise breakouts.

For a list of ingredients, please click here.

R&B Hair Moisturiser

I first came across this product on YouTube…my place for most new discoveries. In all honesty, I have loved using this product on my afro. This is by far one of the best hair products I have ever used. As the name suggests, R&B Hair Moisturiser…it is great for very dry hair. Contains, lots of essential  rich hair oils and butter. My hair loves this product; I can use it on my hair wet or dry….it smells great, very moisturising….a little goes a long way. This product is wonderful and if you have dry hair or untamable hair then you should definitely give this a try.

Enzymion Facial Moisturiser

I was very excited to try this product… a facial moisturiser that helps replenish moisture without the unwanted oiliness. You can only get this in the small tub. I have very oily skin and this cream is drying…. not greasy and smells ok; does exactly, what it is supposed to… can’t really say anything more about this product other than it’s amazing. if you have oily/combination skin, then give this a go.

I hope this helps? I hope you had a lovely weekend!



I Lush You

Birchbox July 2015: Make A Splash

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday this summer, then you’ll love this month’s Birchbox . Or If you’re one of the unlucky few with no holiday plans overseas plans, I am sure you’ll enjoy the July box, just the same.  This month’s Birchbox has been replaced with a ‘Limited Edition Birchbag‘ in a variety of vibrant colours, inspired by travels of the Beauty Editors from Sunday Times Style,  Grazia and  Condé Nast Traveller.

With summer in full bloom, the Birchbag will definitely put a big smile on your face. This month’s line up includes a mix of makeup and beauty must-have to help you look  and feel your best this season, even when it gets piping hot.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box. The box normally includes 5-6 selected makeup, beauty, hair and sometimes an extra lifestyle products from well-known brands and emerging brands. As well their monthly box subscription, Birchbox is a destination where you can purchase beauty, makeup and lifestyle products from the brands featured in their boxes with the points system that many subscription boxes now offer. All their monthly boxes comes with a handy guide for each and every product included in the box. So you’ll definitely know what to do with each product you receive. Check out their website for more details on them!

My July Birchbag features a mix of both known and newly discovered brands.
The three shadow are very pretty shimmery neutral colours, consisting of light to dark shades. Peach Parfait is great palette for anyone to create a very natural day-time or night-time look plus it’s easy to carry, making this a must-have palette for summer. Though, it is on the pricey side for just ten colours. Sorry POP Beauty:-(

Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen – £25.00

This little cutie is the perfect carry-on for all this season. The Dream Screen is an oil-free, silky-matte sun lotion with broad spectrum SPF 45 to protect you from UVB and UVA rays. It can be worn under makeup or on its own. It ultra light -weight, absorbs very quickly, leaves the skin moisturised and does not leave a blue film, it’s truly invisible.
Get to know your sunscreen——> here.
Soigné is a cruelty-free brand that uses non-toxic formulas in all their products. The sample I received comes in a their signature bottle. Menthe is a beautiful soft mint colour, perfect for adding some colour to the nails. This polish is very easy to use, it comes with a wide enough brush for easy application. Two coat is enough coverage for me with the colour; a single coat looks a little thin and uneven. I love this nail polish! Although, it is a little on the pricey side.

Unani Aloe Vera Gel – £15.00

Packed with pure aloe vera, this product claims to help soothe and calm the skin and us help recover from sunburn. It is basically like an after sun lotion but more healing properties plus it works great on blemishes, bites and eczema. I am very sorry, I cannot comment on  any long-term effects because the sample isn’t enough for that. I will like to try it though and see. Please let me know how you got on with this product.

This is a new brand discovery for me. With a bit of research, I found out that BioNike is an Italian based company that prides itself in creating affordable useful products. The cleansing water in particular, is for users with sensitive skin. It helps to sweeps away dirt, makeup, cleanses skin and helps to soothe sore spots.Its worth a try because there are so many cleansing water out there and at this price, It’s very affordable, don’t you think! Spa To You Nail File – £2.99

A great little device to round-up the self-grooming holiday inspired box. This little gem is great little tool to help keep our nails on point all the time.

The Birchbag I must say that, I am very impressed. The ladies at Birchbox as always continue to keep me interested and without fail, there’s always something in the box that I manage to love and I am always discovering new brands from their monthly boxes. If you’re thinking of trying out from big-named brands or emerging brands, then definitely give this a try.
Click here to see other products and brands features in this month’s Birchbag
As an added bonus Birchboxers get £10 off the summer edit when you spend £30 or more online
Click here to subscribe or here to check out Birchboxers offer.
Are you enjoying this month’s Birchbag??
That’s all for now folks!


The Foreo Luna Mini, this little thing of beauty. If you have never heard of this little device before, then sit tight, relax and prepare to be amazed. 
After being sold worldwide for nearly two years or so now, I finally got my hands on this little bad boy. Facial cleansing tools especially brushes have are now a must for all skincare conscious people. Most cleansing brushes promises to help unclog pores, brighten our skin, and help us achieve our skin goals. 
I am very picky when it comes to what I put on my face because like many of you I don’t want to ruin my ok face with harsh tools or chemicals and worsen my skin issues.  I had been looking at the Clarisonic range, but I think it’s similar to my Magnitone. I am probably wrong and the thought of having another beauty tool with its brush head that needs constant changing just seems pointless and, please do correct me if am wrong!
Compared to others in this category I feel that the Foreo Luna is very different which was why I decided to give it a try. 
What makes this so different from the rest? 
At Foreo, they aim to provide a unique, pioneering and iconic products with hygiene and wellbeing at its core; designed to help you feel naturally beautiful and healthy. The Luna Mini is the first of its kind to make use of unique nonporous silicone brush that is easiest to wash and more hygenic than standard silicone cleansing brushes. After use, all one needs to do is just rinse and it will be 35x more hygienic than other cleansing brushes. The idea of anyone cleansing their face with a bacteria-ridden brush makes me shudder.
This product comes with two manuals; one for a quick guide and the other gives a more in-depth step by step guide on how to use this little beauty. 
 It also comes with an insurance card and a USB charger for the device.
How much does it costs?
It costs £99 which is not as expensive as the Clarisonic or as purse friendly as the Magnitone Lucid. However, it’s still not the cheapest thing in the world. 
 I ordered the Luna Mini Save The Sea Special Edition with the net profits would go to Foreo’s Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners. Although, this device comes in five different colours, if you’re not a sea turtle pal.
Foreo Luna Mini Device

 There’s a little promotion Foreo have going this summer—–> check out their website here.

As you can probably tell, I am super excited to try this out. I hope I am not disappointed.
Has Foreo Luna Mini converted you to the dark side? Or If you haven’t tried this device yet would you try it? Please leave your comments below!
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June 2015 Birchbox- 'Step outside' with French Sole

Birchbox is back to add a French inspiration to our lives. This month’s box is in partnership with French Sole (well know for their ballet flats). As part of the collaboration they had three exclusive beautiful box designs to choose from Floral Daze, From Paris With Love and Pick N Mix…guess which one I chose! Naturally From Paris With Love because I am a Parisian wannabe and a sucker for stripes.
As part of the packaged, iare given a nylon shoe bag with the same beautiful stripey pattern as the box, so it should be very useful and be easy to clean. The items are centred around the idea of making the most out of the beautiful sunny weather. 
I have received Beauty Protector products before and they are superb and this product didn’t disappoint. It has been very useful for detangling my natural hair which can be a pain, but this seems to help reduce the headache plus it smells very sweet, free from paraben, sulfate, helps to minimise frizz and it’s all vegan baby. Plus it protects against UV rays and heat. 
Yet another new welcomed sample. This lip balm is nourishing and leaves a pinkish at tint to the lips which I find very flattering. It applies very smoothly and can fit comfortably in the handbag or backpack and or makeup bag.
This lotion is formulated to help reduce lines and wrinkles thanks to its complex formula of Hyaluronans and Phycocolloids. Plus it will help make your skin look plump and lifted over continual use. I honestly haven’t used it because I do not have any lines or wrinkles and neither does my mother, so it goes in the bin.
I was really, very excited to try this out. It reminded me of the young and carefree kids magazine days. This tattoo is very easy to apply and remove; just follow the instructions it comes with and you’re set. To use, cut the one you want, remove plastic and place a clean skin, rub along the paper with a damp fabric and eh presto. Tried it and liked it so much, I have worn it a couple of times.
I have never received a Cowshed body lotion before and I must say this cream is very nice. Packed with beautiful smelling Moroccan rose, French Lavender and Madagascar Ylang Ylang, it smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves your skin very soft and moisturised. This body lotion is free from parabens,  sulfate, mineral oils but does contain fragrance which you might be sensitive to…so please do more research before buying.
Perfume samples are some of the things I love about my beauty boxes. I was very excited to try this brand new discovery out; this is such an unusual intoxicating smell. I typically go for very feminine fragr
ances and I was very surprised to have liked this. I found it to be very long lasting, a bit musky but very pleasant and sophisticated; something that should be worn with your Sunday best!!
This month’s box has been very useful with a mix of hair, beauty and skincare samples for £12 I am a happy bunny. Maybe one day I will splurge out on a pair of matching stripey French Sole to go with the bag! My biggest surprise was how much I loved the temporary tattoos and I was brave enough to wear it outside…even mum liked it which is just a miracle in itself!!
I hope you are enjoying this month’s box and the lovely sunny weather lately . 
Discovery Birchbox—–> here
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Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro One Palette

Hello, everyone! Up for review, today is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro One Palette. I discovered this brand browsingYouTube and Instagram.
Like all Makeup Revolution Palette, this comes in a shiny black plastic case; personally this is not an issue as it looks good enough for the price and it serves its purpose.  It comes with a large mirror and a plastic cover with the shades names on. The mirror can be very useful when travelling or out camping or find yourself with a mirror.

 L-R; Pitch, Afflicted, Drama, Fade, Enigma, Must, Luna, Ghost.
L-R; Player, Addicted, Stage, Too Grey, Breathe, Getter, Dawn, Need
This palette is beautiful with many lovely neutral shades. Some shades are more pigmented than others; as you can see from my swatches. I guess this is to be expected with any palette. The quality could be improved if I applied more and if used wet.

I am very impressed and surprised with the palette. For £7 palette, you get 16 relatively pigmented shadows which I personally feel is pretty darn good! You really cannot go wrong with this palette!! There’s a shade for everything.
What do you think? Yay or Nay? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.
Click here to buy the palette.
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Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition – Pixie Lott Unboxing

About three weeks ago, I received a lovely package which contained my Magnitone Lucid daily cleansing and exfoliation brush. When I ordered this product, it took about three days for it to get to me considering I paid nothing for postage and packaging. 

For those of you who haven’t heard about Magnitone before. They are a UK based company who focus on providing skincare tools which claim to give you a softer, brighter and clearer skin in just 7 days.
 I have been wanting to try this brand for ages and I mentioned them back in this post here! I opted for the Pixie Lott Limited edition. Although, they also come in blue, yellow, aqua green, it was a very hard choice but what can I say…. I love pink 🙂


The packaging is superb and the items in the box are well protected in the plastic casing, which one can always use to store it when moving. For now it is thoroughly being used daily so I won’t be storing it anytime soon.
One of the best things about this product is that it comes with an adaptable charger so you can take it on your travels or if you live overseas you can also use it. 
And the charger is magnetic which I think is so cool. It also comes with a protective cap and it is fully waterproof so for those who always seems to be in a rush, you can use it in the bath or the shower.
The brush head is powered by “active electromagnetic technology” and an “active clean brush head with spray guard bristles” which helps to unclog pores and sweep away dry, dead skin cells. The Lucid has two modes sensitive and deep clean. The deep clean mode for a more powerful clean and sensitive for a more gentle for everyday use. There is an option for those with sensitive skin to buy alternative brushes specially made for sensitive skin.
It beeps every 20 seconds, to guide you around your face and will automatically stop after one minute to stop you from over-exfoliating, which I thing is extremely useful. The Magnitone can be used with your daily cleanser to help remove makeup. After continual use, it should help make your normal face cream more effective and also give you a more radiant, clearer and softer skin. I know we all dream of walking out of the house with no makeup on so this is a start to achieving that dream!
A little thank you with £5 off voucher when I register my 12 months warranty, which I will be doing now. I can use the savings to get replacement brushes which they advice should be done every three months.
I was so excited to try this product and as soon as it, I had to test it out and as you can see from this post here I was not disappointed. Now am excited to see if my skin improves after 7 days!
Click here to find out more about this product on the Magnitone website.
The Magnitone Lucid costs £69.99 which compared with similar products is relatively a good value for money.
I will document my 7 days journey and I will write a post on
the results…so keep an a look out for that post soon.
Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid? 
A message from Pixie Lott
“hectic schedules can take a toll on my complexion. Magnitone Lucid helps me get more from my daily cleansing routine and easily slots into my busy life.”

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Exposed Skincare Kit Review

For those of us who suffer from unwanted breakouts, finding the right acne treatment can be tough. There are so many kits out there promising, clear, break-out free skin and in some cases end up making the breakouts worse. If you have considered trying out Exposed Skincare then please read on, am sure this post will help you make an informed decision. I was recently sent a kit from Exposed Skincare for an honest review.  
What is Exposed Skincare?
Exposed Skincare is an acne-fighting treatment that helps to treat and clear your skin without any harsh side effects. Exposed Skincare is designed to unclog blocked pores, kill acne causing bacteria and help to return your skin back to its normal and healthy balanced self.
How does it work?
Exposed Skincare uses a 3 system designed with the perfect combination of scientific and natural ingredients that works best  together. Thes blend of ingredients helps to unclog pores, kill the acne causing bacteria and help to restore the skin to achieve its normal level of sebum production, heal skin lesions while reducing redness and any irritation. With regular use of this kit will help deliver results in 30 days, however, some people may start to see results within weeks of continual use.
Body wash
Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid (0.5%)

Inactive Ingredients: Water, sodium c18 olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine, acrylate copolymer, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, ferric ammonium ferrocyanide, oxidized polyethylene, glycolic acid, phenoxyethanol, isopropyl palmitate, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil.

Acne Treatment Serum
Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide (3.5%)
Inactive Ingredients
Water, glycerin, propanediol, carbomer, camellia oleifera leaf extract (green tea extract), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide.

I was sent the Body Acne Kit, which includes the Body Wash, two of their Acne Treatment Serum and Derm-X Body Cloth.

First impression
I was very excited to try this out; As I am always lookout for products that help to reduce the breakouts on my teenage skin. I really liked the body wash, it had little exfoliating beads which helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. Tried the acne serum and my face felt stiff and I basically shrugged it off because it was the first use and my skin has these little tantrum sometimes. Anyway, used it for a couple more days and I had a few breakouts, so I stopped using the serum but continued using the body wash and used my daily face moisturizer. I went back to using the complete kit after a week and this time I didn’t break out at all. Continued using it until ran out of the body wash. Now that I have stopped using the complete kit, I have started to break out a little even though I am still using the acne serum. So I guess the serum alone does nothing to my to keep breakouts at bay.
$34.95 that’s about £22.86
Where to buy
US Order page ————–> here 
UK Order page————–> here
Worth a try or not?
I would recommend you give it a try and buy the complete kit because I discovered that this kit works best together.  It is definitely worth a try your skin will thank you for it when it’s clear.
Have you tried any Exposed Skincare product(s)? Please feel free to follow and leave your comment(s) below.
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*this product was sent to me for an honest review*